How To Choose The Right Type Of Longboard

For an average person who is just getting to grips with longboarding and perhaps thinking about starting longboarding himself, it can a tiresome job to decide how to buy a longboard. However, if you break down your requirements into simple parts, the choice becomes easier to make. Let’s see what the different types of longboards […]

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Take A Sneak-peak On How To Clean The Longboards

Longboards were discovered with a motive to instigate modernization in cruising, transport, downhill racing and sliding etc. These boards rest on their wheels and need just a slight push of your feet to run. But apt maintenance is required to make them sprinting for a lot longer and trumping down the chances of injury. Now when […]

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Atom Drop Through Longboard Review

Longboards evolved from the interbreeding of skateboarders and speed-maniacs. The resulting longboards then changed into various shapes and sizes. One of them was the Drop-Through design that really got off in the 90s. Atom has taken their time to perfect a Drop-Through Longboard that is stable at high speeds and provides a satisfying experience for […]

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