Yocaher Longboards Review

Yocaher is a name that pops up every time you are talking about the best Longboard brands. The Chino, the California-based company, was started way back in 1975. It would not be wrong to say that they have been an integral part of the evolution of longboards. As such, Yocaher Longboards Brands has a long […]

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How To Choose The Right Type Of Longboard

For an average person who is just getting to grips with longboarding and perhaps thinking about starting longboarding himself, it can a tiresome job to decide how to buy a longboard. However, if you break down your requirements into simple parts, the choice becomes easier to make. Let’s see what the different types of longboards […]

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Take A Sneak-peak On How To Clean The Longboards

Longboards were discovered with a motive to instigate modernization in cruising, transport, downhill racing and sliding etc. These boards rest on their wheels and need just a slight push of your feet to run. But apt maintenance is required to make them sprinting for a lot longer and trumping down the chances of injury. Now when […]

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