What Size Skateboard Should I Get?

Skateboards come in a large variety including various shapes, sizes, color and designs etc. Every style is perfect but if you are a newbie at skateboarding, you might need help. Here I am going to mention some things that will make it easy for you to take a decision regarding the choice of your skateboard. This article will help you in every case whether you are buying a skateboard or going to assemble one.

What Size Skateboard Should I Get

What Size Skateboard Should I Get

Building your Own Skateboard

Building a skateboard can be an easy process if you know how to make it. If you are a seasoned skater, you must be aware of your requirements. Let’s see how to buy a skateboard of proper size and everything:

What Size Deck Is Required?

Decks are of different sizes and widths. If you are new to skateboarding, you must choose the deck according to the width and not the length. Your size, skating style and your personal requirements will help you choose the width of a skateboard.

  • For adult riders who do technical tricks – 7.5” to 8” width is fine.
  • Parks, ramps and pools need – 8.0” to 8.25”.
  • Cruising – 8.25” and more.

What Size Trucks Are Required?

Trucks of a skateboard are T-shaped pieces that are made of metal. They are mounted underside of the deck and while making your choice of skateboard, you must make sure that the width of truck axle matches the skateboard deck width. Every skateboard has two trucks, in particular.

Axle is a pin that is used to attach the wheels with the trucks. Hanger is there which is made of metal and forms the largest part of the truck that is triangular in shape. All these parts including axle, hanger and trucks are securely held by the kingpin, the large bolt. It holds them together and is fitted inside the board bushings.

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When you will purchase the accessories, two trucks will be given for the assembly of the skateboard. They come in various sizes and colors. Here’s the list from which you can choose the trucks suiting your personal preferences:

  • 5” to 7.25”
  • 25” to 7.5”
  • 5” to 8”
  • 0” to 8.5”
  • 5” to 9”
  • 0” to 10.0”
  • 0” and above

What Truck Profile Height Is Required?

Do you know about truck profile? It is the distance between the hanger and skate deck bottom. Mid-sized trucks work perfect for skateboarders and high/low trucks are good for various skating styles.

  • High: High trucks work great for large wheels and perfect for carving and cruising. The recommended size of wheels is 56mm+
  • Mid: For street and park, mid size wheels are fine and the wheel size is 53-56mm that is recommended.
  • Low: It is great for flip tricks and provides extra stability. These are for small wheels i.e. 50-53mm.

What Size Skateboard Wheels Are Required?

Size, color and durability of each skateboard wheel are different. Commonly, the wheels are made of a material called polyurethane. Size or diameter is important to know because it affects the way the board rides. Both these factors are according to the personal preferences of the rider and his skating style. Diameter of the wheel refers to the size of the wheel and is measured from top to bottom. Measurement of wheels is done in mm. The smaller the number the smaller the wheel!! Usually, bigger wheels move faster than slower ones.

  • 50-53mm: These wheels are small and work well for trick riding. New riders use these wheels for skate parks and streets.
  • 54-59mm: For beginners, it is an average wheel size. Street skating, park skating, vert ramps and bowls are great with these wheels.
  • 60mm+: To skate downhill, rough surfaces and old school boards, 60mm wheels are ideal.

What Size Bearings Are Required?

Bearings are of the same size so it’s not an issue. Choosing the size of bearings creates no problem so you don’t have to worry about it. However, ABEC bearings are the best as it signifies the quality and precision used while manufacturing the bearings. Bearings that are rated higher are of superior quality.

Bearings are used to mount the wheels and then attach it to the axle. These bearings are of the same size and can nicely fit to any wheel. Since there is no difference in the size, quality is also almost the same. The basic rule to check the quality of the bearings is by their price. It means that the bearings that will be expensive will be more superior.

Bearings that are inexpensive are of cheap quality that breaks down easily if pressure is applied on the skateboard while riding. Also, they are not sealed which collects the dirt, dust and debris thus slowing down the performance of the board. Quality bearings are sealed with accurate machining and quality metal. With time, they remain as it is if you take complete care and maintenance.

What is ABEC Rating?

ABEC rating is there to check the quality of bearings. Most of the bearings are denoted by ABEC rating. A basic rule of thumb is that the higher the ABEC rating, the more precise the bearings will be while performing. The ABEC rating on the bearings includes 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. The more the ABEC rating, the less friction you will feel and the faster you will go while skateboarding.

ABEC 9: These bearings are super fast and used for downhill riding.ABEC 7: These are fast, smooth but expensive though.ABEC 5: It has good amount of speed and also you can get them at a nominal cost.ABEC 3: These are inexpensive and also not too smooth while riding. They also don’t roll quickly.ABEC 1: They are least expensive bearings. Also, accuracy is quite less and they are crude.Hope you get to know everything about skateboard in detail. Have a happy skateboarding!!


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