What Are Liner Socks Used For?

Have you ever been out camping or doing outdoor activities and got your feet wet?

Well, this can be really frustrating. Also, have you gone long days hiking and then ended up with sores and blisters your feet? This is a pain too and can ruin your next days activities.

How can you fix this problem? Well, you could buy expensive hiking boots, but this might not be the best option.

An easier option is to use sock liners. After reading this you will know what sock liners are and also if they are right for you.

What Are Liner Socks Used For

What Are Liner Socks Used For

What are Sock Liners?

First before getting into what sock liners actually do, we will cover what sock liners are. Sock liners a a thin polyester or light wool sock that is worn inside your other sock.

You put the sock liner on first, and then you put your other sock on over it. It doesn’t matter if the other sock is a normal sock or a thicker hiking sock.

You can use sock liners with both. Some sock liners are even made out of a smooth silk or polypropylene, so they can come in all kinds of varieties.

What are Sock Liners for?

Now that we have gave a simple explanation of what sock liners are we can get into what sock liners are used for.

Sock liners are mainly used when hiking or doing other outdoor activities to prevent getting blisters. The way the sock liner works is it helps wick moister away from your feet which helps keep it dry.

Having wet sweaty feet is one of the main cause of blisters. You would think having two pairs of socks on would cause your feet to get sweater, but because of the material the sock liner is made of it helps keep your foot dry and transfers the moister into your outer sock.

Sock liners also help prevent friction. This is because it keeps your foot from sliding around inside your boot or shoe.

Besides your foot getting wet, another cause of blisters is repetitive rubbing on the same spot. Having two layers to protect your foot from rubbing helps prevent blisters. Sock liners are also wore tighter than normal socks, so it keeps your foot from rubbing the inside of your sock or your sock rubbing your foot if it is too loose.

These are the two main ways that liner socks help prevent blisters, which is the main cause.

Should you use?

Using sock liner when hiking

Using sock liner when hiking

Should you use liner socks then?

Well, the answer is maybe. Some people are more likely to get blisters and if you have sensitive feet, then liner socks might be the solution for you. However, it can be hard to find the right combination of sock liners, socks, and shoes.

Sometimes that extra layer can cause your shoe to fit uncomfortably. Also, if the liner sock gets wrinkled or causes your other sock to get wrinkled, then not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also lead to blisters. Your socks being wrinkled can cause extra rubbing and friction.

The key if wanting to wear sock liners is to just experiment with different combinations of liners and socks to find one that works comfortably. It is a good idea to do the experimenting before going on a hiking trip.

Experimenting in the field on a trip can lead to a miserable trip. Also, you got to remember that when you get a new set of boots you might have to experiment all over again. The real key to preventing blisters when hiking is to make sure you are wearing socks and boots that fit properly and vent well to keep the sweat from building up.

Another tip is if you get your feet wet, switch your socks and sock liner as soon as possible because you don’t want moister being held to your feet,

Another Use for Sock Liner?

One final use for liner socks is wearing them while you sleep. You may be wondering why and thinking that it is to keep your feet warm with the extra layer, but that is not completely the reason. It will help keep your feet warm which should lead to better sleep, but it will keep your feet warm because it will wick the sweat off your feet away. This way your feet won’t get wet and get cold during the night. Also, by keeping your feet dry during the night it will help keep your feet in a healthier condition to keep them from getting blisters later.


Liner socks are for wearing when you are doing outdoor activities. They are mainly worn when hiking. A sock liner or liner sock is just a thin sock that can be made of all kinds of materials. It is worn under your normal sock.

The main purpose is to prevent blisters from forming. It does this by moving the moister away from your foot and also reducing friction.

Choosing to wear sock liners is completely a person choice and some people love them, while others don’t. T

he key is to just fine some that work with your current socks and boots and are comfortable.

After reading this though, you now know what sock liners are and have the information to determine if you want to try wearing them or not. You also have a better idea of how they should fit based on what they are used for and a better idea how to find a pair that is right for you.

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