Skateboards Vs Longboards

Longboard vs SkateboardHave you ever done skating or Longboarding? I know you might be thinking that they both are same and why not? They seem to be similar but they are not. They have variety of differences taking in account the primary difference that is the shape and the size of the Longboards and skateboards.

They come in variety of shapes and designs which will definitely allure you to buy and try your hands on them. Here skateboarding is the primary sport which came late back in 1940’s. Skateboarding and longboarding gives you an experience similar to that of water surfing on land and is often referred to as an extreme sport of enthusiasts.

These two semi-identical sports not only give you the thrill but also are very beneficial for your body. It makes your body highly flexible, increases heart rate, makes your bones strong. It is an overall body exercise. These sports are very common among the teenagers, it have that coolness factor. It can be used for transportation purposes as well, for short distances.

Now, to choose between these two sports you rather need to have the knowledge about the major differences and perks of skateboarding and longboarding, not to forget about tge health benefits. Here are some differences enlisted below.

1. Deck

Skateboards Vs LongboardsTalking about the deck of skateboard it is slightly curved upwards to give skateboarder the required support for performing different tricks like – heel flip, 360 flip. Whereas, in Longboards the deck becomes narrow at both the ends following the flatness to give the stability to the Longboarder.

2. Wheel size

The skateboards have smaller wheels (28×7 – 33×10.5 inches) as compared to the Longboards which have broader and bigger wheels (33×9 – 59×10 inches). The smaller wheels in skateboards are appropriate for maintaining the balance while doing tricks by retaining the centre of gravity. And the larger wheels in Longboards help in maintaining the speed as the wheels are made up of soft material which gives the smoothness.

3. Suitability of terrain

Skateboards are limited to plain areas as they have small wheels. But Longboards can be tried on different kind of terrains as its design is meant to give the stability to the Longboarder, where its wheels give it greater speed and smoothness.

4. Wheel base

As the skateboards are smaller in size as compared to the Longboarder , same is the case with their wheelbase the Longboards have larger wheelbase, where skateboards have relatively smaller wheelbase.

Health Benefits of Skateboards and Longboards

1. Skateboarding

SkateboardingBurn calories

Who knew that burning calories could be that enjoyable? Despite of being a thrilling sport it even helps you to maintain a slim – fit body. Skateboarding just for 30 minutes can burn you up to 350 calories. This sport is worth adding to your daily schedule.

Relieves stress

You might be wondering how this can relieve stress? Well, skateboarding is one of those sports which need your attention to do the tricks, so you just can’t keep any other thoughts and stuff in your mind while practicing this sport. It gives your over thinking a break and makes your mind and body feel fresh. And other thing is it makes you more confident about yourself.

Works as Internet De-addiction

Day by day the use of technology is increasing which is making us humans stick to all those screens, whether it’s laptop or TV. We are so much into the technology that we don’t even know what’s happening around the world. So sticking onto this amazing sport will push you outdoors and make you core active and energetic. And will eventually, make you forget about your virtual world.

2. Longboarding

LongboardingMuscle building

Exercise is something you need to spare time for but in today’s busy lives it is partially not possible. But you don’t have to worry about all that if you know longboarding; you can simply switch on to Longboards instead of other vehicles to go to your schools, colleges and workplace. It will automatically accomplish you exercising. It helps in muscle building making them more stretchable giving your body better flexibility.

Decreases your cholesterol level

Having cholesterol more than required is the major problem faced by different age groups across the world. Every 3 out of 5 people have high cholesterol which is dangerous for one’s health. That fatty deposits under your skin and nerves can give you heart stroke and can even choke you veins as it decreases the space for flow of blood. Longboarding is one such sport which will burn your unwanted fat deposits causing you sweats in relatively less time.

Building strength

Longboarding is also beneficial in building strength of your body. This sport uses the maximum parts of your body including your spinal cord, arms and legs which makes your body more flexible and strong. Doing it daily will boost your stamina providing you more energy for everyday tasks. In short it’s a complete gym.

Do’s and Don’ts skateboarding and longboarding


  1. Practice long enough to ride with traffic, follow all the street signs and also stop when it’s red light. It’s suitable for decent traffic.
  2. Always be alert; pay more attention while taking U – turns as you can bump into someone’s car’s gate if not paid attention.
  3. Always ride with groups as people will pay more attention which will decrease the chances of accidents to a greater level.
  4. Always wear knee and elbow pads and helmets are must. It’s better to wear all these safety gadgets to avoid breaking your bones as injuries is a crucial part of sports. You can’t avoid injuries but you surely can reduce the chances of getting them.
  5. If you are a fresher I advise you to ride on streets before venturing into roads full of traffic as you need to follow all those rules and regulations which a car or bike driver follows.


  1. Don’t wear tight fitting clothes or shorts while practicing these sports as it will not allow your body to move and you can fall down.
  2. Don’t try to do skateboarding or longboarding barefoot, you won’t be able to make balance and the sweating can make you slip and fall leading you to dangerous injuries.
  3. Don’t ever wear headphones or earphones while skateboarding and longboarding as it can decrease your attention and you can meet with an accident eventually.
  4. Never try to take help of other vehicles by tying a rope between your boards and vehicle. You can bump into the same vehicle when applied breaks and also it will trigger the centre of gravity and your inertia will make you fall either side of the road.
  5. Don’t ever be that stupid to try these sports on steeper hills, as you will go down the hill your speed will keep increasing and it will make you lose control over the skate and longboard. This can make you stumble down the hill and will make it impossible to stop and the only way to stop is to fall getting painful injuries.

Longboard and SkateboardSo, now u must be aware of all the major differences between these two sports. Skateboarding and longboarding is not just a sport, it can be your daily overall body exercise, your transportation solution and much more. However, these two sports need a lot of practice and skills to be mastered. Nothing comes overnight, you need to practice a lot to master this art, after all “practice makes a man perfect”.

Make sure that you always keep a water bottle with you while practicing them as it is really important to stay hydrated during such sports. You must have an energy giving meal right after doing skateboarding or longboarding, as your body need energy after burning out so much of calories.

Don’t ever try this sport on the running road if you are a fresher, you might meet with a dangerous accident which can even lead to death as on a road full of vehicles it’s hard to locate a single person, so it is very important to learn all the rules and tricks to stop and take turns in this sport.

It is one of the most desirable sports of this generation. Whether adults or the teens they both are equally in love with it. You will witness more number of skateboarders and Longboarders in the future as the thrilling sport is taking its turns to various destinations making people fan of it. Then what are you waiting for? Just get body and mind ready and start mending your way to the thrilling world of skateboarding and longboarding. You will never look back to the boring indoor video games and you will become healthier, fitter and active than before.

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