Skateboarding For Girls Being Popular Across the Globe


skateboard girlsIn past times, girls were considered as Tom Boys if they showed interest in sports activities like skateboarding, longboarding or other such acts.

But now with the change in time, skateboarding has made a heroic entry in the lives of the girls. Skateboarding is popular among the girls between 10 to 14 years of age.

It is because people have now started accepting the girls showing interest in such activities and participating in these.

Some boys also get inspiration from their sisters now who have grown up to be skateboarders and it is pretty interesting. Long gone are those days when this activity was only confined to the boys.

Now is the time when you can push your daughters to participate in this activity with full zeal and enthusiasm. Also, the companies are now focusing on designing the skateboard for girls.

It’s not that these skateboards are only for girls, but anyone can skate on it. The companies design the skateboards keeping the girly things in mind.

Decks of the skateboards are expensive so it is extremely essential to know which deck will suit you best. It is very common with the skateboard industry that all the decks are made keeping man population in mind but still it doesn’t mean that a girl cannot get one.

To craft a skateboard, you need to assemble the deck, trucks, bearings and bolts together to hold the deck properly afterwards. Yeah, don’t forget the wheels as without them, the skateboard is not going to run at all. LOL!!

Skateboard assembling is not that hard to do at home. Also, it is the cheapest ways to design a board and that too within your budget. You don’t need to spend much on buying the skateboard for girls rather craft it yourself. Rest, when done with the crafting thing, painting and designing your favourite character on the board can be done accordingly.

When it is about girls, companies focus more on the skateboard designing to offer the best accessories so as to attract the girls towards skateboarding. Many event organizing companies arrange skateboarding camps for girls ranging from all age groups to pamper the girls for this sport.

skate girl

It is to ensure that girls spend their extra time in skateboarding and showcase their skills. In some cases, girls perform better than boys. Many girls feel comfortable while boarding with their friends and feel that they have to prove themselves among boys. Some girls have this mindset while some are equally fine with boys as well as girls.

This is the reason why event companies organize separate skateboarding events for girls. This way, girls feel secure and encourage each other that help them in feeling confident. Also, girls are patient than boys so skateboarding is easier for them to excel in.

For the girls who are interested in skateboarding, many people give answers to their queries thus providing them sufficient information about what they want to ask. It is evident from this fact that there are many people and websites out there who offer help to girls interested in skateboarding. Plenty of people love the idea of girls opting for this sport.

Many professional skateboarders have put in their efforts to make this sport easy by giving their comments on how it can be done in a right manner. TVs organize special interview sessions with these female skateboarders to help other girls who want to pursue skateboarding as a career or who want to participate in skateboarding as extra-curricular activity.

Let’s see how to do skateboarding for girls:

skate girl

  • Buy a good quality board or design it at home by assembling the pieces together.
  • Buy good safety gear like elbow pads, helmets, knee pads and hand gloves etc. Taking care of yourself is your duty so before starting wear these gears properly. Don’t think to look good among your friends because if you will, you will get injured badly. And wearing the safety gear will save you even when you fall down.
  • Buy quality skate shoes and this is must. Don’t spend on cheap shoes but look for some good pair that is especially made for skaters. Normal shoes don’t have a good grip on boards so if you want to play cool while boarding, good shoes are must.
  • Don’t act over smart by flipping the board off 10 stairs. Go slow at start and don’t go on the railings. Skate the board comfortably so as to be under control and don’t fall off to get injured. Regular riding is the best for start-ups by keeping the left foot forward while pushing with your right foot to start skating.
  • If you are new, learn the basics. Either play some video on Youtube or ask some of your friends who are aware of the skating techniques. Once you learn, go out and then start skating but in slow motion.
  • Don’t get scared if you fall down. Falling is also a technique that you have to learn. So don’t be afraid at all!! Fear is the enemy of everyone especially while skating. To reduce the risk of falling, wear the right safety gear as mentioned above. Don’t rush into complicated techniques like downhill, slopping, carving, kickturns until you have not mastered them.
  • This point is important for the girls!! Don’t wear much makeup. Be natural with your looks because while skating, you are going to sweat heavily in summers and it will make your makeup flow thus making you feel uncomfortable. So make sure not to wear too much makeup, little is fine. Light eye liner with eye shadow is perfectly fine as long as it is not coming in your way while skating.

It is fun to learn skateboarding at the park. Learn new tricks slowly and don’t just get panicked if you take time because it is not easy at all. Take help from the pro skateboarders and learn the techniques. Just be patient and give it a try!!

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