The Best Sector 9 Longboards For You On Market 2017

When it comes to longboard brands, there aren’t many that can be compared to Sector 9. The brand was founded in the early 90s and has since made itself one of the biggest names of longboards based out of California. In more than just over two decades of existence,

Sector 9 is established as one of the most popular longboard brands. And with the list best sector 9 longboards recommended in below, we hope that you will pick the best for your friend or yourself easily.

Sector 9 is known as the most consistent and quality Products Company that makes longboards these days. Whether you are looking for a cruiser or a hill bombing longboard, Sector 9 will have a board for you, an excellent one. So let’s have a look at some of the best longboards from Sector 9.

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Sector 9 Drop through Bamboo - 9.6” X 42.”

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Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard

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Sector 9 Striker Complete Longboard​

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1. Sector 9 Drop through Bamboo Lookout II Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard Skateboard- 9.6” X 42.”

​​Reasons to buy Sector 9 Drop through Bamboo Longboard

Value for Money: The Sector 9 boards are not known to be cheap, but being value for money is its USP.

Great Components: No need to change the bearings or wheels upon arrival. You can trust them with your ride.

Attractive Graphics: There’s no way we can take this part out of the equation when considering a new board. Sector 9 gives you something that will turn heads on this board.


  • Close to $180, it is not a cheap longboard from Sector 9. However, it is one of the values for money prospects for you to go for.
  • As the name says, this Sector 9 longboard is a Downhill Longboard and is built to suit the needs of downhill.
  • The laminated bamboo built gives this board’s deck a great feel at high speeds and city cruising alike. It’s a perfect deck with great stiffness and flex.
  • Different parts like bearings and wheels are of great quality and you wouldn’t need to replace them out of the box.
  • May sometimes get dirty due to the clear grip tape, but that can be resolved by using cleaners.
  • At 8 pounds, it is not exactly lightweight but is convenient to carry nonetheless.
  • The trucks are 10” Gullwing and they fit perfectly with the deck width.
  • The drop through construction along with the deck and trucks makes it a perfect board for downhill. However, you can do so much more on this board.

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1. Who is this board suited for?

2. What can this board do?

3. Are there any shortcomings?

2. Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard 9” X 36″

​Reasons to buy Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard

Affordable: Though not cheap, this Sector 9 Fractal Longboard is very affordable.

Design: There will never be issues like wheel bite on the deck and other design issues that plague cheaper boards.

Ease of carrying and storage: It is not insanely long and large, hence storing it in your college locker is easy.


  • Regarding pricing, this board has enough positives to merit its price. It is not an expensive board for what it offers.
  • The dimensions of this board are comfortable enough for most people. The width of the deck gives enough foothold while the length and wheelbase offer a comfortable
  • The Fractal Complete Longboard is a hybrid in a way. It treads on the length factor of skateboards and longboards at 36” of length.
  • This board is designed especially to manage tight turns like the ones you normally do on a skateboard.
  • The graphics on the Sector 9 longboard are absolutely attractive and grab a lot of attention if that is your thing.
  • The 8 ply maple construction and absence of bamboo reduce the availability of any significant flex on this deck.
  • There is, however, some camber on the deck to compensate for the absence of bamboo.
  • Due to its relatively small length, the board weighs just 7 Hence, transportation is easy.
  • The trucks are Gullwing Sidewinder and offer great turns and comfort against potholes and the like on your ride surface.
  • You can cruise and carve with ease on this board. Though slightly small wheels don’t allow very high speeds.

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1. What purpose does this longboard serve?

2. Is this good as a daily commuter?

3. What are the shortcomings?

3. Sector 9 Striker Complete Longboard

​Reasons to buy Sector 9 Striker Complete Longboard

Material Quality: Starting from the deck and ending at the wheels, with everything in between: all components are of the highest quality.

Great Looks: The graphics and design are attractive and practical at the same time.

Utility: Great for cruising and carving around town and on the pavements. Park, campus or pavement. Nothing matters.


  • The board forays into the expensive graph of the price map.
  • The looks, color, and graphics scream loud from the world go. So this is not an understated board by any means, it attracts a lot of attention.
  • The dimensions of this board are 5-inch width and 36.5 inches in length.
  • The drop through formation of the longboard keeps the rider closer to the ground and more stable as a result.
  • The board has a camber on its deck as well as a kicktail to help you perform some of your favorite tricks with it.
  • The Sidewinder II trucks are great for all terrains and styles of your longboarding.
  • The board has superior materials in its construction: bamboo core and fiberglass make for great flex and durability of the deck. You get your money’s worth with this Sector 9 Striker Complete Longboard.
  • With the advanced materials and only a 5 ply construction, it is lightweight as well. Easy to ride, easier to carry and store.
  • If cruising and carving are your interests, this is the board for you. No arguments.

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1. Is this worth the money I pay for it?

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Finally, with the list of Sector 9 longboards above, we hope that it is useful for you. And you can view more information at this article – best longboard brands

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