The quickest way to learn longboard

learn longboardLong boarding is basically a thrilling and adventurous type of board sport with a larger and longer board, bigger in size than the usual skateboard you see in the various skateboarding competitions.

Long boarding is just like sideways surfing, the long boarders use it for travelling places in the city on the longboard itself as the longboard is very stable and portable to travel and carry.

Longboards are also less heavy than other boards giving you opportunity to roll out all your push.

This activity is suitable for both the riders seeking for a comfortable and stable ride along the city and for those who are interested in carving down a steep hill with downhill riding.

So enough about Longboards, now will tell you the quickest and easiest ways to learn long boarding. So let’s begin.

1. Requirements for long boarding

You require a basic longboard safety gears kit along with a helmet. You also require flat bottomed shoes for better grip on the boards.

Never ride a longboard or do any sports activities while wearing flip flops, they are not suitable for long boarding. You also require a good and genuine helmet.

Since the beginning have this habit of wearing helmet whenever you are on the board doing any type of riding like downhill, carving or cruising and finally but obvious Longboards.

2. Selecting the perfect longboard

Selecting the perfect longboardThe markets have huge range of Longboards available for the riders. Skateboarding ultimately destroys your board after intensive riding but nothing as such happens for the longboard so you don’t need a tough board for long boarding.

There are few enthusiasts who make their own Longboards for themselves and it is a great idea to do so but here we are talking about riding tips so I will tell you about it another article. While choosing the right Longboards you are going to be in great dilemma as there are so many brands and so many types of Longboards. Choosing is going to be very difficult.

Determine your style

What type of a rider are you? What style do you prefer? Answer to these questions is the styles you drive along everyday, which one are you a long boarder around the campus or do you see yourself long boarding to your work or do you prefer trying hills or extreme hills.

Do you ride in the bowls or do you prefer a smooth and soulful ride? The answer to these questions let you determine the type or style of rider you are. So take a moment, and think about your style of riding.

The basic rule is that longer the board more stable it is but the longer boards are not that agile and they don’t take the turns quickly and smoothly. And in case of shorter Longboards they provide agility but are not stable.

So according to this rule just decide what type of ride and longboard you want. If you plan to ride the both then you might require the shorter board.

We would also suggest standing on a longboard before buying or borrow one from any of your friend and see what it feel likes. And if you are interested in longboard reviews to help you better, we have them on our site so you can check easily.

3. Stance

Next thing you need to figure out is that what is your stance, there are two types of stance regular ( left foot) and goofy( right foot). Stance is basically determining when you start longboard or when you step on the longboard which foot do you put forward. If you are already a skateboarder or snowboarder you might have already have a stance so don’t change it. We also have some tricks to to choose which boarding stance you would like to acquire.

The three simple steps
  • First get a ball for yourself and let it sit on the ground in front of you, and nowkick it. Whichever foot you used to kick the ball is the kicking foot or back foot and you should keep the kicking foot in back and balancing foot in front.
  • Go and try to climb a staircase whichever foot you applied first to start the climbing is the back foot.
  • So this one’s tricky, ask someone to accompany you. Stand with both your legs close and tell the other person to shove you from behind. Obviously you didn’t fall but whatever leg you used to stop yourself from falling is the back foot and you keep the back foot in behind and the other foot in front for balancing the board. . Same as many people are right handed, so do they have regular stance. But my friend if all this tricks tell you that you are a regular rider but you like goofy one than opt for the goofy stance.

4. Pushing and simple riding

Now next you have to try pushing your longboard a bit. To push your longboard take your back foot and put it on the ground and simply push with this foot to move forward. And to get more speeds just push 3-4 times or you can just give one big push.

Longboard stancesAll you want is the longboard to move in any of the way possible. And when the board starts moving put your back foot back on the longboard.
And if you are comfortable in pushing with your right leg than you should opt for that too, it is called pushing mongo. Push it a bit more to catch the speed and feel your centre of gravity. The lower your centre of gravity is the more comfortable your ride gets.

Finding the right slope

The next step would be finding the right slope or the gentle slope. Before riding the hills directly first try slopes of a parking lot or. Any area where there might be a slight slope for practicing.

Now step on your longboard and ride it down the slope. Don’t push; just let it go by gravity itself. Again try the same step and keep ridding the slope until you feel comfortable about it.

5. Stopping your longboard

There are various ways to stop a moving longboard, the most easiest and basic one is the foot breaking; in this you just drag your back foot to the ground to stop the longboard.

Just try to keep your back foot flat on the pavement to facilitate smooth stoppage. And this is to be done while wearing good shoes and not flip flops.

Advance longboard stopping skills

The cooler way to stop your longboard is Coleman slide. But the advice would be trying it after you have mastered cruising and riding perfectly.

To try this, just take your longboard to a flat area and start moving it and reach a speedy pace, now jump off the longboard when you want to stop it and in this case you might want to land running along the road.

6. Carving and cruising

These are both the common style of riding Longboards. Carving is when you bend to one side of your longboard and turn to that direction while riding the board. Carving can be done on your toe edge or heel edge and the deeper you carve, the more extreme turn you can facilitate.

Try carving on the same slope you became comfortable with downhill riding. Carving basically slows your speed down so try to make a big push to catch the speed. Try moderating your speed of ride with the help of carving.

You can also try sliding but that is a major extreme step right now. While practicing carving just keep this in minds that the deeper you crouch the more faster you go and if you stand straight you might slow the speed of the longboard. So it’s all matter of practice, keep practicing and getting better and comfortable.

7. Hill carving with the longboard

Hill carvingIf you are willing to ride steeper slopes and hills that is a great option. But don’t start with something extreme, just something a little steeper than the one you were practicing on before. A road without traffic could be perfect for this. Just have one of your friends along would be a great idea to keep you away from the cars.

And don’t forget to carry a helmet along no matter how experienced or how confident you are of your skills. The proper safety gears, shoes and helmet are must as you don’t want to end up on the hospital bed.

Hill carving is same as the slope long boarding only the stopping is much trickier this time. Don’t get demotivated if you fall from the board a lot of times just get up, shake the dirt off and start again. All you need to master long boarding is practice. And the more you ride, the more chances you have of developing your own style of long boarding.

So keep riding, be safe and enjoy long boards.

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