Penny Board Vs. Longboard: Which Is Right For You?

In the skateboarding world, there are a handful of different options, and this can be confusing for some people. This is especially true if you are a new rider and trying to find the perfect board for your needs.

There are your regular skateboards, but these are mainly for tricks. If you are looking for a board to get around, then you will probably consider a longboard or penny board.

This article will explain what each of those is and also the benefits and negatives of each one. After reading this article, you should know which option is the best for you.

Longboard vs Penny Board

Longboard vs Penny Board

What is Longboard and Penny Board

About Longboard?

Why Skateparks Are A Better Place For Longboarding

First, we will talk about what a longboard is. A longboard is a skateboard that is longer than a normal one, hence the name.

Longboards normally also have bigger wheels than a standard skateboard. This helps them have a smoother ride and maintain stability at higher speeds.

Most longboards are made from wood, and the board decks have a variety of different styles.

Here in this article, we are not going to go into a lot of detail of the different types of longboards. There is too much information to cover, and we are mainly focused on the difference between a longboard verses a penny board.

For farther details, if you think a longboard is a right option for you, then you can read more articles on our site to narrow down which longboard for you to get. We got articles on the different woods used, the different deck styles, and pretty much any other information you might need. In this article about best longboard for beginner, we choose the best for newbie, you should go to it if you are starting learn longboarding

What is a Penny Board?

So now that you know the necessary information of what a longboard is, we can go into discussing what a penny board is.

A penny board is a small skateboard that is designed to be mobile.

A penny board is always made of plastic, and hence the name is small. They have plastic wheels as well, but the trucks are still metal.

Most companies use a unique formula of plastic to help keep their boards strong and durable.

Penny boards are incredibly light at normally around 4 pounds. This means that you won’t have any problem carrying it around.

Also, they are known for the variety of designs they come in.

Since they’re plastic, you can get a variety of different colors and patterns that aren’t as easily obtainable on other types of boards. This means that you can have a look be what you want without having to spend a lot on a customized board.

Purpose of a Penny Board

Beauty Girl With Penny Board On Beach

Beauty Girl With Penny Board On Beach

So, what is the function of a penny board then? Why would someone want a light, small skateboard?

Well, the main point to the penny board is getting from one point to the next. Penny boards are designed for commuting and making it around easily. This is especially true if you are going to be riding thru tight spots or in a city. Since they are small, it is easier to avoid obstacles.

The other pros to a penny board are since it is lightweight you can carry it easily. A penny board will fit into most backpacks, so you can take it into school, a store, or on a subway easily.  They are also very durable, which is nice if you are riding it to travel a lot because you won’t have to worry about it scratching or chipping.

The downside to a penny board though is a small size does not give you enough room for your feet.

Once you become a more experienced rider, this starts to become less of an issue, but at first, finding how to stand on a penny board can be a challenge. They are starting to make nickel boards now which are still plastic and like a penny board, but a little bigger. This helps for foot issues, while still maintaining the light weightiness of a penny board.

The other downside of a penny board is that they can lose stability at high speeds.

This means if you have a lot of hill son your path, then you might have to walk it down the hill or slow it down with your foot as you ride down. This can be frustrating, and new riders may not be able to tell when they are going to lose control before they do, so it might lead to some crashes at first if you get going to fast and lose stability.

Reason for Longboard

The pros to the best longboards for the money are that you can go quickly on them. This means for hilly rides that you don’t have to worry about whipping out.

One big use for longboards is downhill riding, so high speeds are not an issue with them. Another perk of a longboard is the extra foot space. This leads to a more comfortable ride. Longboards are also just as durable as penny boards for long-term use if you don’t care about looks that much. Longboards will get scratched, and the pain on the bottom will wear off after lots of use, so if you don’t want that, then you might want to avoid a longboard.

The downside to a longboard is that they are heavier. This means if you are carrying your board a lot, then it might get hard on you or make you tired.

Longboards are also harder to navigate thru tighter areas.

They are great for getting around, especially with long distances, but once you are in the city, they can be more cumbers-om. This is extremely true if you don’t have a larger backpack to carry it in because you will have to carry it with you into buildings.

Also, some places might frown on having a bigger skateboard hanging out of your backpack or not allow large bags in like that.

Which is for you?

So which type of board should you get between a longboard and a penny board?

Well, my answer is if you are just going to be doing standard commuting and not many hills, then you should probably get a penny board. This is majorly true if you are in a busy urban area that is crowded.

If however, you want to learn tricks as well as commute, then you might want to consider a longboard because penny boards are not designed to do many ticks on. The main purpose of a penny board is to get around easy.

Another reason I would recommend a longboard to someone is if they plan on doing more off-road type cruising, This doesn’t necessarily mean riding off the road, but means riding in more hilly environments or less city like ones.

The extra stability at high speeds make longboards nice and also the extra foot room helps, especially for long rides. Longboards are also good because they are more customizable for riding style then penny boards.


No matter which route you go between a penny board and a longboard you will be able to find a board that suites your needs. Now that you have read this and know the advantages an disadvantages of each one you can research farther or start trying them out to see which one you like the best. Finding what is comfortable for you is the main part and this is especially true for a commuting board, which penny boards and longboards both make great options for.

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