Why do you need to challenge playing with Longboard once in a lifetime?

 playing with LongboardLongboarding is one of the most challenging types of sports activity. This sport originated from surfing and letter on got modified into a longboard activity.

Longboard enthusiasts use their Longboards to cruise or carve or ride downhill. Some skaters also use their Longboards for stunts and transportation to places. People consider longboarding as an addictive exercise.

The amount of amusement and thrill longboarding provides its riders are unimaginable but everything comes with a cost. Long boarding has various challenges that a rider need to go through while riding but all these challenges eventually work for the benefit of the rider only.

Longboarding has become one of the trending sports activities of all and if you are a rider of a longboard you might know why it is trending so much. But if you are new to this amazing sport then I need to tell you the reasons why you should give it a try at least once.

So let me tell you why once in your lifetime you need to take the challenge of Longboarding. You need to know why it is getting so much hype. So let’s start with all the reasons why you should try Longboards.

1. Balance

So we begin with balance, balance is the ability to maintain gravity between yourself and the ground, with the minimum of sway. To maintain balance you need your body organs to work in coordination with each other.

To work on a good balance you need to combine all skills like- your sensory organs, visual system and vestibular system. So people who opt for this sport possess great balance and are in better control of their muscles and live a much healthier life than who don’t opt for it.

It not only gives balance to the longboard while riding but also gives a great balance to the life of the rider as well. It helps in balancing all the vital activities of the life like eating healthy, staying fit, exercising, school, and friends and works all of them.

2. Freedom

FreedomFreedom is having the power to decide what you feel is right or wrong as per your thoughts. The right to speak, act, or think as per your wishes without any hitch. Longboarding gives you the freedom to go wherever you want and transport to places you wish to go.

As per the society norms, the younger you are the less freedom you get. As a child we have all faced restrictions to go to places we wish to go but this is the best part about long boarding, it doesn’t care about your age, whether you are younger or older, you have all the freedom to go to places you wish to go and
Explore the place you like. The main limitation you get are money, time and energy, but long boarding solves pretty much all of it as it saved your money in transportation and energy as well.

3. Agility

Agility is the ability to get in a situation and attacking before the enemy attacks you. Agility basically provides the rider with great speed and awareness wherever you go. The challenge it offers is of sudden attacks and sudden challenges which can be overcome by speed and agility, making your life much easier and safer.

4. Extended range

So what do you think how far can you go during your lunch break of an hour to get some lunch from a restaurant? Not more than 3-4 miles right? Longboard helps in going further places in less time as it is a traffic free ride. So one another benefit of long boarding is that your transportation range increases as you can access much farther places. While driving a longboard you have much more freedom than other vehicles as you can reach any destination no matter how far it is in the short period through long boarding.

5. The first person to react at emergencies

Another benefit of being a regular long boarder is that you become the first person to react when a emergency situation happens. And a person who is available during a situation like that is only the only one useful. While riding Longboards the rider becomes aware and is successful in avoiding any bump or any type of difficult situation. So long boarding helps you in becoming the most aware and readily available person when any hard or emergency situation happens.

6. Enhancement of reflexes

deck longboardWhile long boarding, you need to be able to take turns when required. Turning your board on time helps you in working your reflexes every day. You have to react to the sudden arrival of cars or pedestrians on the road and react accordingly. These activities work to build your reflexes and make you sharper with time.

7. Fitness

Long boarding is one of a king sports activity, proving physical exertion as well as leisure and amusement at the same time. A physical exercise like these makes it easy to gain fitness and shred some calories at the same time.

Moreover it also saves your time and combines commuting and exercising at the same hour. Whenever you transport to some place, you get through the longboard which basically facilitates riding and exercising of the rider at same time.
It is not a very high intensity workout but a lower one and guys doing a low intensity workout for longer period are much more beneficial than doing a high intensity one for shorter durations or with many gaps.

8. Cardio

Longboards are best for cardio exercises too. It works as the best cardio workout for the rider. So are you willing to shed some calories from your thighs? Turn to long boarding on a hill or the city. Long boarding helps in a good lower body workout as the rider has to face various terrains during the ride like hills, turns, stops and rough terrains also.

The rider becomes adaptive to such situations and rides well across these working out his body to adapt through the conditions. It helps in working out your lower body which includes – from feet, to ankles, to calf, to thighs, and ass to get toned.

9. Portable

Longboards are portable and light weight which makes them easy to carry from one place to another. You can easily carry it from your place to work or school or any other place.

10. Exploration

ExplorationLongboards help you in exploring the various places in your city, free of cost. Yes, it makes it easy, affordable and convenient to roam around the city. You get freedom to roam and explore the city according to your desire and will. Which is pretty much exciting right?

These are some reasons why you should definitely try out long boarding once. The challenges long boarding offers pretty much work in the benefit of the rider only.

You only live once, so why not spend it with fun and zeal? So I would suggest you guys to think about it and try it once. It is the easiest to learn and manoeuvre, so start long boarding and make your life much easier.

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Ride safe, Be safe!!

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