Ways To Prevent Speed Wobbles On A Longboard (8 Points)

Learning to ride a longboard can be tricky. You have to learn how to stand properly and keep your balance. Once you think you got the hang of it and started going faster a new challenge might occur. That challenge is speed wobbles.

This article will explain what speed wobbles are, why they happen, and how to prevent them from happening. This way you can be comfortable riding your longboard at high speeds and safely at the same time. Read on to learn all the tips to prevent speed wobbles. If you are newbie to longboards, take a look at best longboard for beginner, that article will show 5 longboard for newbie!

Ways To Prevent Speed Wobbles On A Longboard (8 Points)

Ways To Prevent Speed Wobbles On A Longboard (8 Points)

What are speed wobbles?

Before going into how to prevent speed wobbles we need to briefly touch on what speed wobbles are and why they occur.

Speed wobbles are when the board starts to shake, and it happens as you reach higher speeds.

What is happening with speed wobbles is that the rear truck begins to osculate or shake.

It starts with a slight sideways movement and then inexperienced riders try to compensate which ends up making it worse. That is because the wobble is happening so fast that you can’t compensate fast enough and the wobble applied increases.

This increase continues until you wipe out and crash. The crashes can be major and discouraging but don’t worry; there are ways to prevent speed wobbles and proper ways to deal with them if they start while riding.

Your Set Up

The first way to deal with speed wobbles is your boards sit up.

These methods aren’t the best solution though. You will understand why after reading them, but they are still options that some people consider and should be touched on briefly.

Most people thing speed wobble is all because the board is set up wrong, but this is not the case. The only thing changing the board can do delay the wobbles, and they will start occurring at higher speeds. This means your crashes will be harder.

If you don’t think you will lever reach those higher speeds though, then these options might be okay and usable for you, that is why I will include them.

Tightening the Trucks

The first option is tightening the trucks. Since speed wobbles are when the back truck shakes you can cause it to take more speed to shake by tightening it.

The downside to tightening it is that it makes taking turns harder.

There is no way through to tighten the trucks enough that they won’t ever wobble though because if you ever did tighten them that much, you would not be able to turn.

Lower Angle Baseplate

The next thing you can do to your ride is to adjust the angle of the baseplate. If it is at a lower angle, then the deck will ride lower which in turn lowers your center of gravity. If your center of gravity is lower, it will take more speed to wobble, but also makes turning harder.

Longer Wheel Base

The last thing has a longer wheelbase. This again makes turning harder. You can achieve this in two ways though. Get a longer board that may not fit your size or move the wheels farther out on your current board. The longer base reduces wobble, but not perfectly or all the way.

Riding Methods

The other method for preventing and combating speed wobbles is your riding style and using proper skills and techniques once they start. A lot of time speed wobbles start because you are not in a proper stance and you can use your body weight and stance to fix the wobble. There are also a couple of other tricks that can be used to help prevent the wobble and stop it. The best thing to do when you feel a wobble to start is to fight your urge to try to correct it and instead practice these tips.

Body Weight

The first thing you should do is bend your front leg more. This will shift more of your weight to the front of your longboard. You want around 90% of your body weight to be on the front half of the board, and this is especially true at higher speeds. If you find that you have a habit of standing in the middle of the board, then adjust your stance and shift it more towards the front. This will help reduce speed wobbles and keep them from starting until higher speeds.


The next thing you can do after shifting your weight is to start a carve. The key is to make the carve slow and get low into it. What the reason for starting a carve will help with speed wobbles is that it keeps you from trying to counter the speed wobble in other methods. This means that the wobble won’t get out of control and will correct itself. The carve will slow you down and help you keep control. The key thing is to make sure the carve is slow though because if you try to carve to fast, then you will fly off.

Relaxed Muscles

The last thing you should be doing the whole time you are riding, and that is to have relaxed muscles. Your legs should not be stiff. Your muscles should all be fluid. This helps keep you from trying to over correct. Also, being relaxed it will help your mind be calm. When speed wobbles start, it is important to stay calm and not panic. Panicking will lead to a crash. If you stay calm, you can use your other skills to slow down and stop the wobble.

Final Pointers

The best way to deal with speed wobbles is practice. They are going to happen, and when they happen the first time, it will catch you off guard.

The good thing is after reading this you have some ideas on how to prevent them so you won’t be as likely to freak out. The key is to stay calm and relaxed.

If you freak out and try to correct the wobble, then it will get worse, and you will crash. Instead when the wobble occurs get low and shift your weight more to the front of the board.

After doing that you can start a slow carve and this will help you not to counter the wobble. Using these tips will help stop the speed wobble.

You can make adjustments to your board to delay speed wobbles, but this isn’t recommended because they will still happen at top speeds. They happen from too much weight being on the rear truck, and it begins to shake. Speed wobbles happen to everyone. Proper stance is a big part of dealing with them, and practice makes perfect, so don’t let speed wobbles cause you to give up.

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