How to ride longboard with many different styles?

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Longboard can be enjoyed in many different ways according to your own imagination and capabilities. Long boarding is a fun activity including an adventurous ride.

While talking about long boarding it is must that we mention that long boarding can be done in many ways and styles depending upon the riders will. The style of long boarding you wants to do also helps in determining and picking up the apt board for riding.

It isn’t necessary that you will only need one longboard; you might need two Longboards sometime to optimise your style of riding but before that let’s determine your main style.

Riding can be done by merging different styles altogether and people enjoy it very much.
As the styles are good when they are merged, but if we talk about each one separately they have got very different characteristics which make them enjoyable and fun to do.

Sometimes it is difficult to recognise these styles as there are so many names given by people to the styles as still there are some confusions about this sport it being new in the industry.

So we have used the names common to everyone in this article to be more helpful to you guys.

You all might be knowing about the 4 main styles of long boarding which are:-

  1. Cruising
  2. Downhill
  3. Freestyle
  4. Free ride



If start off with these main styles the style which is most basic is cruising. Mostly the style that riders begin long boarding with is cruising.

Cruising is the style in which you ride along the city, campus or any place where you have hard flat surface to skate along.

Whether you have to travel from one point to another or you have to board just for a casual transportation from one place to another, be it your college to school ride or vice versa, the style used in this ride is cruising.

Activities like dancing, board walking and any gentle or relaxed ride is a part of cruising style of long boarding.



Downhill is that style of long boarding which is all concerned about speed and racing. The faster it is the more better it is.

The riders trying downhill style are more bothered about the speed and their motive is reaching from start to end in less time rather than tricks or stunts.

They just want to go as faster as they can form one point to another that’s it. Going straight is another motive of the downhill rider.

When we take a look on all the main styles, we can see that speed keeps on changing form relaxed tempo in the cruising style to fast and neck breaking in the downhill style with more active and repulsive for the people who prefer freestyle and free ride style of longboarding.

And for sure it is possible to go faster from time to time for cruising riders and slow for free ride ones. All of this depends on how and what you compare.

Long boarders are very fast as compared to the strollers on road walking on the pedestrian with s minimal speed seeming like still.

The experience level required for these styles is low to high, for cruising you need minimal experience as it is the style opted by beginners where as technical manoeuvres and a fast style like downhill absolutely requires good practice and experience.



Freestyle riding is the one Roth most creativity out of all. So it’s pretty much ok the rider how he skates or rides. Freestyle riding consists of various technical skills like dancing, sliding, board tricks, goofy and regular riding.

Commonly free ride is known as dancing. Freestyle has been one of the oldest styles as it is there since long boarding started. This style has many technical skills but still can be manoeuvred by rider from any skill level.

This type of riding is the best option for beginners to start long boarding tricks and learn board control skills. But that doesn’t mean it is not enjoyable for advanced riders, freestyle is suitable for both beginner and advance riders.

Free ride

Free ride

This type of riding is a variant of downhill skating with more technical and trick oriented long boarding but less organised and finished than downhill long boarding. The skills required by the rider for long boarding in free ride style are stand up slides, hands down slide, drop through and drop platform and also foot braking.

In this style of long boarding, speed is not the main goal, it’s also about technical manoeuvres and tricks to enjoy the ride as much as possible and make it as much as thrilling as possible, free ride style requires skilled board control and uphold in speed, so this style requires a bit of experience making it suitable for intermediate and advanced long boarders.

These were the main four styles for long boarding almost known by everybody. These styles are the most preferred styles.

Riders prefer these styles individually as well as merged sometimes as per their skill level and comfort. But there are few other styles also other than these main styles that we think should also let you know about as it is your choice and skill level that will determine the style you want to opt for first also helping you in determining the longboard style best suitable for you. The other styles of long boarding are:

  • Dancing

    This style of riding involves tricks manoeuvring your feet and riding in creative patterns which appear like dancing on the board. The best part about this style is that it involves moving in different patterns but still being intact on the top of the board.

  • Slalom

    Slalom is also one style concentrating on the speed while riding but the speed is related to how fast you carve and weave. These tricks are done in the cones of downhill.

  • Carving

    Carving can be considered both technique and style at the same time. It is considered as a tool as it is used as a riding tool to slowdown, pump, turn etc or may be just to have fun. Carving is the style in which motive is to turn from left to right or vice versa while going in one direction.

    So these were the styles of long boarding you need to know about, these styles not only help in riding and thrill but also help in deterring the suitable board for an individual as it depends on the style of riding the rider chooses for him.

    I hope the article was helpful and if there any more queries or comments we are happy to hear them from you in the comment section below.

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