How To Keep Fishing Worms Alive?

There are a variety of different types of fishing worms.

You have your normal earthworms to your nightcrawlers and some other types, but they are all kept alive in similar ways.

This article will look at how to keep your fishing worms alive and fresh, so you can get the best catches you can from them.

The whole point of using live bait is because it is alive, so keep reading to learn how to keep your fishing worm bait alive longer.

How To Keep Fishing Worms Alive

How To Keep Fishing Worms Alive

How to find?

Before getting into how to keep your worms alive, we will touch quickly on how to find fishing worms. While you can buy fishing worms, it is cheaper and normally funnier to find them yourself.

The best way to find them is to wait till a few hours after dark and then go out and start digging in the ground.

It is best if the ground is warm and moist. For light, you can use a flashlight or headlamp and put some red cellophane over it so as not to scare the worms. Y

ou then pull them from the ground and put them in a small bowl or dish with some warm dirt in it. Once you have some worms, it is time to go fishing or store them in a way that will keep them alive.

Worm box

Find the worm to go fishing

Find the worm to go fishing

One of the easiest ways to keep your worms alive is to build a worm box. This is a small box that is normally about 2 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet and made of wood or other material.

The nice thing about making a worm box is you can store a lot of worms in it and have a constant supply of worms for fishing.

You won’t have to go out hunting for worms every time you want to fish; you will just need to dig some out of your worm box. A worm box of the described size can hold upwards of 500 worms.

Inside the worm box, you will want moist, not wet dirt or moist newspapers. This will be what the worms eat and grow in. The box should be kept buried in the ground to keep it cool, and only a few inches should be above the surface. You want the box in the shade to also help with temperature. The box should be 40 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the worms alive and happy. To help with this temperature, you can keep ice cubes in the box, and they will also help keep the dirt moist. You can also use a burlap sack or straw for this.

This worm box works great for keeping worms at home and having a steady supply, but you may be wondering how to keep worms on a fishing trip, well you can use this method on a smaller scale.

Bait Box

You can get a bait box that is about 12 inches x 12 inches x 8 inches and keep around 400 worms easily with this similar method. Put the dirt or substrate of choice in the bait box and then in the middle ad a sealed glass jar or plastic container packed full of ice cubes.

As the ice cubes melt, it will keep the dirt moist for the worms, and on hot days the worms will gather by the jar. The bedding will stay cool and damp because the condensation will be held in. Just make sure to keep the box closed when not getting the bait out, so it doesn’t get hot or dried up. You want the condensation to stay sealed inside the box.

Coffee Can

There are some other methods for keeping worms alive, and one of those is a coffee can. You can poke holes in the plastic lid and keep the worms inside it with the dirt or bedding. You can even use old coffee grounds. If you want to keep the worms for a few days, then you can store the coffee can in a small fridge to keep it cool and your worms fresher longer. If going out fishing with the coffee can you can keep it in a cooler and put some ice around it. This will keep it cool and the metal can will develop condensation keeping the soil moist for the worms.

Childs Wadding Pool

Another alternative to the worm box is a child’s wading pool. It can be kept in the shade and filled with dirt and can hold a lot of worms. The key is just to keep it moist. As long as you keep the bedding damp, but not wet, the worms will be happy and live for weeks in this. Using a wadding pool is easier than building a worm box, but it is not a permanent way to keep worms like a worm box is.

Keys to keeping worms alive.

So, now you know a few different methods to keep your fishing worms alive. You know that you can build a worm box, use a cooler as a small worm box, use a coffee can, or even use a child’s wading pool. The real key to keeping worms alive is keeping them in the right conditions. The right conditions for worms are dark, moist, and cool. If you do this, they will stay happy.


Keeping your worms alive and fresh for the next time you go fishing is easy.

It is even easy to grow your own worms using a worm box, so you don’t have to buy them or hunt for them. To keep fishing worms alive just keep them in a cool dark place that is moist but not wet.

After reading this, you now know a lot of methods to do this. If the methods suggested here don’t work for you, then I am sure you can come up with your own method that works better for your area and what you have available.

Any container with coffee, straw, dirt, or even newspaper inside of it that is kept moist and cool can keep your worms living long enough for you to go fishing, just make sure the container is not airtight or else the worms won’t be able to breathe. Other than that you are well on your way to keeping your fishing worms alive.

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