How to choose the best Longboard?

How to choose the best LongboardLong boarding is one major sport these days wooing many with its thrilling and adventurous rides; it is taking riders coast to coast with their adrenaline rush. The best part is it is easier than skate boarding and still gives you the awesome feeling of cruising sideways.

Snowboarders and skiers are also showing interested in this sport, along with people who like it because of the freedom and chilling effect it gives to the rider.

But still there are some doubts about these boards; people keep on asking, “What exactly is a longboard?” So here we are today telling you anything and everything about Longboards, helping you choose the right longboard for you.

So what is longboard???

A longboard is way more than just a long skate board. The main difference is that the wheels of longboard are much softer than that of skateboard making it a softer and smoother ride for the skaters. Even the wheels are larger than that of skateboards. These features make it more of a beginner friendly ride.
How to Choose the Best Electric Longboard
Now if go in deep details about the Longboards than there are different variations in the longboard they vary in size, length, width, shape and flex. As a beginner you just need few rides to settle in and then you can easily start with cruising, carving and sliding just like the other experienced long boarders do.

So let’s get started with the various types of longboard options you have got to choose from:

Cruiser Longboard

Cruiser LongboardThe first up is the cruiser longboard. The name is enough to tell you about the style this longboard allows. This type of longboard is made for beginners as well as for day to day transportation.

Someone of these Longboards are shorter, designed in a way to facilitate weaving in and out of traffic, and to get you to places like school or a restaurant, work or maybe the nearby library but if you are aiming for long boarding at hills than you should opt for longer boards which help in Providing more stability at higher speed. So we are done with the size of the longboard now let’s talk about the length, stiffness and tail shape.

You might be thinking what these terms are, don’t worry if I said I’ll help you than I will help you in everything. Below I am going to define some of these terms for you to better understand your longboard needs.

Deck length – This is basically the length of the board from the Nose to the tail (depicted in inches). Normally a board ranging from 28”- 46” is perfectly suitable for a cruiser longboard. For a beginner going for a longboard with smaller size than this would be a issue, as it will make it difficult to learn. Longboards are not like snowboards, they must be longer as length is the priority here. If you opt for a longboard short for your body size than it might break into two pieces and won’t offer a good flex. Longboards length truly depends on the person’s preference.
longboard board sizes
A shorter board enables the rider to make shorter and quicker turns where as a longboard facilitates carving at higher speeds. If you are totally confused about what size longboard should be preferred than opt for the one in the mid 30s.

Shorter Cruising Boards – For the beginners and shorter people the size of 28”- 32” is perfect and. For the talker people it is also good but only if they have the skills to ride smaller Longboards as they are difficult to drive and control.

Mid Sized Cruising Board – Longboards with the range of 32”- 42” are one of the most preferred and recommended for beginners of all sizes and ages. These lie in the middle of small and long, these are one of the perfect sizes you could opt for and can do any type of longboard activity.

Longer Cruising Board – Long cruising boards are perfect for longer and relaxed rides, they even facilitate riding on the. Sidewalk or cruising the boardwalk even if the surface is totally flat. But be careful about this these Longboards are quite heavier to carry.

Deck Flex

One of the most important parts of a Cruising longboard is a flex. Flex basically helps in absorbing all the rough terrains and bumpy roads or any tiny rock that comes down your way.
coreflex weight chart
A flex board is also able to ride close to the ground which is practically very thrilling and fun for 360s too. This feature of the flex longboard helps in absorbing all shocks you get while riding and relieves some stress from the knees and ankles. Is makes it easier to balance and push, riding near the ground adjusts your centre of gravity. But before buying a flex longboard you should check the weight range of the board.

A stiffer board or a hard board provides more stability to the ride, this longboard are suitable for downhill riding and are actually the original longboard. My advice to all my new beginners’ friends is you should opt for a stiff or hard longboard as a flex board would be tough to manoeuvre from the start.

Kick tail or no kick tail
longboards kicktail
You might be thinking what a kick tail is? A kick tail is Board with kicked up tail. A kick tail longboard is best suitable for experienced riders as it helps in taking quick turns, applying various tricks and you can easily pop up and down curbs. Beginners could choose for the other way round as it would difficult for them to utilise a kick tail from the start.

Free ride longboard

Free ride Longboards are suitable for both intermediate and experienced rider. It allows riding in the downhill style while the rider is performing technical manoeuvres.

Deck dimensions – Any board within the range of 38”-48” is perfect for the free ride longboard. A longboard with shorter length would be unstable and longer Board would become hefty. I know you might be thinking we are only taking about lengths here but don’t worry the width is always according to the length of the longboard.

Downhill longboard

Downhill LongboardsDownhill Longboards are best suited for advanced riders as it involves riding at higher speed and needs mastery in great precision.

Deck style – All the pro long boarders opt for longboard with a top mount deck, while others are comfortable in shorter decks only as they give a stable ride to the rider.

Deck dimensions – A deck with length of 37”-43” range would be suitable as a shorter deck could be unstable at high speed and a longer deck will not have good manoeuvrability.

I know you guys might be confused let me clear this out, a beginner should opt for longer deck as it can be more comfortable and size range should be of 40-41” according to me as this size could never wrong.

I hope you are happy and satisfied with this article and I was able to clear all your doubts about the best longboard suitable for a person according to his/her preference. Still if you have any doubts or queries just contact us through the comment section below. Be safe ride safe.

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