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Do you want to assemble your own Longboard or wish to perform those amazing tricks in front of your girlfriend? We are here to provide you with best Longboard ideas and tricks.

What Is The Best Longboard ?

Longboarding is surfing on wheels and quite popular among the youngsters who want thrills and enjoy adrenaline rush that is synonymous to this edgy sports. Surely, you enjoy it too but do you know what is the best longboard? Remember, every game needs top gear to give you quality time and enjoyment. Now there can […]

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How to choose the best Longboard?

Long boarding is one major sport these days wooing many with its thrilling and adventurous rides; it is taking riders coast to coast with their adrenaline rush. The best part is it is easier than skate boarding and still gives you the awesome feeling of cruising sideways. Snowboarders and skiers are also showing interested in […]

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How to avoid injury when riding Longboard?

Long boarding is being recognised as a very adventurous and thrilling sports activity these days. People are getting attracted towards this sport and are opting it as a leisure sport as well as a day to day travel board. But long boarding being an adventurous and thrilling sport comes with a lot of risks and […]

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How to ride longboard with many different styles?

Longboard can be enjoyed in many different ways according to your own imagination and capabilities. Long boarding is a fun activity including an adventurous ride. While talking about long boarding it is must that we mention that long boarding can be done in many ways and styles depending upon the riders will. The style of […]

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What is a longboard?

A long board is a kind of surfboard. It is longer compared to a skateboard. A long board is used in the skating sports. It is faster too compared to the skating board because of its wheel size. A long board is used in different kinds of activities; long distance racing, transport, dancing, sliding, cruising […]

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