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Do you want to assemble your own Longboard or wish to perform those amazing tricks in front of your girlfriend? We are here to provide you with best Longboard ideas and tricks.

Skateboards Vs Longboards

Have you ever done skating or Longboarding? I know you might be thinking that they both are same and why not? They seem to be similar but they are not. They have variety of differences taking in account the primary difference that is the shape and the size of the Longboards and skateboards. They come […]

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How many basic styles to ride a longboard?

Long boarding is a very different sports activity both interesting and adventurous. Long boarding is a combination of tactics and imagination as all the skills or tactics you use on your longboard while riding are the result of your imagination only. And also some physics too. As there are lots of variations in longboard styles, […]

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How to Build Your Own Longboard

Are you looking for a different type of adventurous journey? Don’t you know how to build a longboard? Here is one option, which will take you to another world of adventurism and thrill. Longboards if built on the guidelines enumerated below will enable you to harness a new concept of carving an affordable yet exciting […]

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The quickest way to learn longboard

Long boarding is basically a thrilling and adventurous type of board sport with a larger and longer board, bigger in size than the usual skateboard you see in the various skateboarding competitions. Long boarding is just like sideways surfing, the long boarders use it for travelling places in the city on the longboard itself as […]

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What Is The Best Longboard ?

Longboarding is surfing on wheels and quite popular among the youngsters who want thrills and enjoy adrenaline rush that is synonymous to this edgy sports. Surely, you enjoy it too but do you know what is the best longboard? Remember, every game needs top gear to give you quality time and enjoyment. Now there can […]

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