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Why Yocaher? Well this is one such company which provides an amazing inventory of colourful Longboards. Moreover, Yocaher believes in quality at an affordable price.

Experience Speedy And Safe Riding With Yocaher Longboard

Racing down the hills tempts every rider and Yocaher is a signature brand in offering the best longboards. Products of this brand offer supreme comfort for unbeatable riding, cruising and strolling downhill. Designed for professional riders, this long board is just wonderful for all who want greatest speed with comfort.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

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Just kick turn on Yocaher long board and you are all set to cruise flawlessly. Keep your feet at rest and have fun while riding. In this article, you will get to know about its amazing benefits, features, uses, advantages, disadvantages etc. Take a sneak-peak:

Some Amazing Benefits

Comfortable Riding: This long board is ideally designed to lend inclusive comfort. Owing to its soft wheels, this board is easy to ride offering you smooth and soft voyage. Furthermore, deck of the board is situated low and it has a length of 25″ x 9″ fitting your body nicely onto it. And concave curvature maintains your balance to keep you from falling off. Besides offering snug riding, it offers speed long boarding as well.

Perfectly Designed Soft Wheels: Wheels are soft enough to ride down hill or flat surfaces. You will never get tired during your whole ride owing to its Q-ball wheels of 70 * 52 mm. Such wheels are perfect to offer speedy and secure drive. Last but not the least, hardness level of the wheels i.e. 78A certifies greater permanence. Ride through with ease with its soft wheels that have the tendency to bear shocks and strains.

Premium Bearings: Bearings enhance the performance of wheels. Mounted on the wheels, a total of 7 ABEC bearings are included in this board. Just cruise and ride with greater speed as bearings give a nice smooth turn to the board while riding. So just chill and give it go guys!!

Perfect board for Every Rider: This board is not only perfect for the skilled riders but beginners can also ride it with equal ease. Go for downhill riding at the speed of around 35 miles per hour. Holding the load up to 300 pounds, you can just hit the board for enhanced riding experience.

Exceptional Qualities

  • 9-ply Canadian maple for deck construction.
  • Easy to control due to its length of 41.25 inches.
  • One black grip tape is included in the board of premium grade 80A.
  • It has bidirectional designing which makes the rider to change his direction without moving the board.
  • Equipped with 180 mm hanger and aluminium alloy.

Hassle Free Uses of the Board

Glide through downhill and cruise through the streets with this amazing board. This product is unbeatable for price and features as well. Available in 22 beautiful colors, this is the best. For enhanced riding, this board is just perfect and you don’t have to look for any other board now.

Keep your feet on the board and kick start it! The board ensures your heel and toes get locked in the concave curvature while riding. So go easy during your ride and gossip with your friends to cut out your distance. Say goodbye to your motor bikes or cars when you own this wonderful Yocaher long board. Reaching to your workplace is easy by making ways through heavy traffics on this board.

Safeguarding and Warranty

Well, warranty for this product is not known by the seller. But as I have used this incredible product, I would say that you guys don’t need to worry about the warranty. Its power stuffed with features lending a whole lot comfort under your court.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Does the deck top have black coating?-> Yes, it has!! At times you see a black grip tape and other times, you may see a clear spray on grip. Both these have different grips and made of sandpaper.

Is it ideal to buy for the first time riders?-> Of course, it is perfect to buy for every rider. Highly recommended!! Every rider must buy this board for wonderful riding experience.

Do bearings need to be changed?-> Yes, they need to be changed. So go for the board guys.

Can it slide?->Wheels may appear a bit rough but don’t worry. Sliding is easy with this board and it is an ideal product for beginners as well as professional riders. Go for long boarding with its soft wheels and enjoy your trip.

The Last Word

A great product!! It is one of the reliable long boards I have ever used. So I would suggest everyone out there to try the board once to relish its scintillating features. Yocaher is an old brand offering long boards worldwide and every board is a true delight. And this product is also great to offer valuable ride.

Guys just go for this board or you can gift it to someone as well. I assure you will love the product definitely. Happy shopping people!!