Can You Take A Skateboard On A Plane?

If you are a skateboarder, then when traveling you might want to take your board with you. There could be a lot of reasons why you might want to bring your skateboard with you.

It might be your preferred way to get around, or you might be excited to try out new terrain and areas you have never ridden on before.

Another reason why you might want to travel with your board is that you might be in a competition.

If going by car, then bringing your skateboard along with you is no problem because you can control what is in your vehicle. What if you are traveling by plane though? Can you bring a skateboard on an airplane?

Well, read on to find out the answer to that question.

Can You Take A Skateboard On A Plane

Can You Take A Skateboard On A Plane

Can you take a skateboard on a plane?

The answer to this question is pretty, and that is yes, you are allowed to fly with a skateboard.

The details of this question can get a bit harder to answer though. The thing is when flying with a skateboard is that each airline and country has different rules.

Most US airlines are very skateboard friendly. This doesn’t mean you should be riding the skateboard around the airport though.

Carry-ons are called carry-ons for a reason. Can a skateboard be a carry on though? Yes, it can be, and if you keep reading, you will find some tips to make it easier to carry it on.

Rules in the United States

Most all airlines will let a self-propelled skateboard be a carry-on. The stipulation is that it must meet all carry on standards.

The best way to carry a skateboard onto an airplane is to get a backpack that you can strap it too.

This way you don’t have to take it under your arms. If not strapped to a backpack, then some airlines require that the skateboard is carried in a bag. It can be any bag including a trash bag but must be bagged if not strapped to something. This is to keep it from rolling around.

The next thing to remember when carrying on a skateboard is that it must be able to fit into the overhead bin or under the seat.

If you have a longboard, then this may be an issue. The thing is, most airlines don’t want to deal with the hassle of telling you, no, so if you have the board strapped to your bag, then they will generally let it slide, but you can’t count on it, so you should have ideas in place if they do say it is too big.

The alternative to carrying your board on is to have it checked. If you can stuff it in your checked bag, then the only thing that matters is the extra weight. As long as it doesn’t make your bag too heavy, you are good to go. If you can’t stuff it into your bag though, then you can check the board separately.

The downside to having the board checked is that it can get damaged more easily or lost easier. This is because your check bagged goes on a lot of different belts and trucks and has to make it on the right plane. It is best to get your board in your carry on if you can.

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Tips to carry on your skateboard.

Tips to carry on your skateboard

Tips to carry on your skateboard

There are some tips to help you be able to carry on your skateboard, even if it is a bigger board.

The first one is to get on the plane as soon as possible. That way you can find an empty bin and get your board stuffed into it. Paying extra to board first may be worth it if you want to carry your board on.

Another way to help the board fit into the bin and your carry on is to deconstruct the board. Remove the trucks and wheels, so then the board part can just lay under the bags, behind the bags, or wedged under the seat. You can then put the wheels in your carry on.

Taking the skateboard apart helps make it smaller and also less noticeable. One key thing to remember though is if you take it apart include the tools to put it back together in your carry on just in case your luggage gets lost.

Other countries.

Other countries have different rules than the United States. When traveling out of the country, it is good to check their rules on skateboards. For most European countries, it is okay to have the skateboard as a carry-on, but the United Kingdom and France will not let you have them thru security checkpoints. This means for those countries you will have to check it. Most other European countries will let you check it as well if you don’t want to take it as part of your carry on.

For Asia, there are not set standards, and it depends on the airline. It is essential to check the airline to see their rules. If the rules are vague, then it is a good idea to include the skateboard in your checked luggage because pretty much every Asian country will allow that. Some Asian countries and airlines will let you have the board as your carry on as well though. For Australia, the skateboard has to be in your checked luggage. They do not allow any sporting excellent or blunt object to be a carry-on. It stinks you have to check it for Australia, but it is nice that the rule is not vague.

Africa doesn’t have any direct rules against skateboards. Most airlines in Africa you can have your skateboard as a carry on no problem. Some airlines have their own rules, so it is essential to check them before flying. When in doubt check your board to make sure you can get it on the plane.


So, to answer the question of is a skateboard allowed on an airplane? The answer is yes, most of the time. The key is to check the country and the airline you are flying with, but most will let you have a skateboard as part of your carry on as long as it meets the size requirement and it is appropriately stored.

The best way to store a skateboard when traveling with it is to strap it to your backpack or carry it in a bag. Also, to make it even easier take it apart so it will fit in the bins better. After reading this, you now know the answer that a skateboard is allowed on a plane and also some tips to get it on. If all else fails, then you can check your skateboard.

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