What is the best way to learn how to do freestyle longboard?

So are you new to Longboarding? Are you confused about how to use your longboard for different styles and tricks? Don’t worry we are here, the main motive of this article is to provide you all the information and tricks you need to know to master the free style long boarding style.

But before jumping to the freestyle Longboards I am going to tell you about the other basic styles of long boarding available for the riders.
longboard hammondLongboards are hosts to various styles and tricks; you can even merge different styles together and master a new style of yours by combining them. So the most common styles of Longboarding are:

  1. Freestyle
  2. Cruising
  3. Carving
  4. Downhill

These are the basic styles that you can manoeuvre on your board. But today I am not going to talk about them specifically.

I am just concentrating on freestyle riding as we can find various blogs and articles on cruising or carving or down hilling but the one that is left out every time is freestyle so today we are going to explore freestyle riding and the tricks related to it. So let’s begin.

Freestyle riding is one of the most imaginative and creative style of riding a longboard. It is not concerned with reaching a specified destination rather it is the style which includes flowing and riding the board fluently as if you are dancing on the Board and exploring the city.

Due to this feature only it is also known as Longboard Dancing. But it not only involves dancing guys, freestyle includes various crazy flips and manual tricks.

So let’s discuss the various tricks involved in the freestyle riding and make it easier for you to learn and practice them to be an extravagant freestyle long boarder.

Let’s get started.

Cross step

Cross stepCross step is one of the styles of longboard dancing. A major element of freestyle riding, if a rider is able to manoeuvre this style of riding he clears out the first hurdle for freestyle riding.

This trick makes the rider more table and comfortable on the board. There are various YouTube videos for learning these tricks making it easy to learn how to cross step longboard.

Nose manual

Before learning any extreme freestyle riding trick or style you need to master this style. Nose manual requires you to learn how to balance your body weight on the board with your one foot.

The first step is to place your foot on the board. You need to place your foot close to the nose of the board. Now the next step is putting all your weight on the front of the board so that the tail of the Board goes in air.

Next step would be giving a shove, for moving forward. The key to this ride is balancing you on one foot.


As the name says, this ride includes a G turn for which you need to learn how to balance your Body weight on the board.

The first step would be to place your foot in the nose manual position you can also adjust the angle of your foot and also ride in a half circle as per your preference.

Next would be moving your backing wheels and lifting them up and change the direct of the motion by ending it with a pivot step. The main key is controlling the entire arc with your body.

Peter Pan

Peter PanIt is an element of the freestyle riding combining with cross step style of riding. The first step to begin is to use your foot for the cross step trick. The next step is using your back foot to go around your front leg and place it on the other side of the board. Now you have placed your legs in a parallel motion and are crossed.

Now what you need to do is keep them in parallel motion and balance them. Now you have to do this as many times as you can do, the main key is shifting your body weight to difference edges constantly. You have to practice very much to make the style smooth and to make it look like dancing. So the key is practicing here.

Chop the wood

Another famous trick of freestyle long boarding is chop the wood. This technique is basically easy and can be performed by any beginner. It’s a simple trick where you have to jump with your front foot on the board and the back foot out and other one to be out on the front. It’s just the simplest longboard dancing trick.

Ghost ride

This trick is all about jumping and off the board all the time during the ride. The first step involves keeping your feet at shoulder width length between the trucks of the board. Next step includes taking a step with your front foot and then placing it at a right angle to your left feet. In the next step you have to take your back foot and wrap it around your front leg and then simply jump off the board in that position.

You have to use your front foot to move your longboard forward while you are jumping off from it. This push will help in keeping the longboard going alongside when you jumped off the board. You will probably land with your back foot so your right foot would go at the other side of the board and by surrounding it you could easily
Hop back to the board.


Pivot involves rotation of the board in 180 degrees on the front wheels. For trying out this style you need to start with nose manual position and put your back foot in the centre of the Board. Now what you have to do is shifting your body weight on the front foot so that the back wheel could go up in the air.

Swinging your hands while riding could help you in turning your frame. The board and your body both would be swaying in the same direction as you want if you master this style effectively. But remember you have to switch foots and the weight on the board to experience this wonderful style of riding.

So these were the skills you can learn in freestyle long boarding, but how do you learn them?? Yes there are various portals or people that could help you in learning all the longboard dancing tricks such as:-

Professional trainers

You could take help from the professional trainers who charge you some fees and teach you all the long boarding styles and tricks for a smooth ride making you an experienced rider from a novice one.


The other teacher for you could be the YouTube videos. Yes there is everything you need on YouTube, longboard skills too. You can easily learn all the long boarding tricks easily from various you tubers who are there to help you with all the queries and styles of riding.

Your long boarder friends

Your pals sharing the same passion as yours for the longboard could help you a lot in learning all the tricks and tips to longboard. You could learn long boarding from your long boarder friends free of cost. So yeah a great deal and you might enjoy a lot as well doing it with your friends.

Internet blogs

There are various internet blogs present online to help you guys with such problems. Same as YouTube has videos internet has various helpful articles sharing tips and ways to learn long boarding in freestyle.

So these were the few best ways to learn Longboarding in freestyle. We hope the article was helpful to you guys. Just keep in mind, try all this with the proper safety gears and protection. For any comment or query contact us through the comment section below.

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