When is the best time to ride longboard in a day?

longboard communityLongboards originated in the mid 1950’s as a modification of surfboards as when the surf scene exploded in the South California.

When the seas were barren and there was no water to surf, riders attached wheels to their boards to enjoy boarding on the tracks and then after that Longboards became a new trend and a new revolution in the world.

What once was a trend for the world became a lifestyle soon. And after sometime long boarding replaced every other board activity present and became the top preferred by boarding enthusiasts.

Once there was a time when you could only find geeks bombing hills or down hilling their boards but nowadays we see a lot of sports enthusiasts doing long boarding and loving the sport a lot.

A main reason for this incitement of riders towards this sport is maybe because of the traffic found on the roads these days making it difficult for people to reach their desired destinations.

Longboards are the better and quickest way to reach destinations or places you want to go and feed your passion for the sport at the same time. So a better deal right?

As of now, if we come to a conclusion about what time to be preferred as the best time to ride longboard in a day would not be justified.

If we talk of the whole day there are various intervals or timings that we think would be perfectly suitable for riding but as a rider I think all the four time clauses are somewhere perfect for the ride. So let’s first know about the four time clauses that are best to ride a longboard.


MorningThe best time to longboard in reference to weather would be summers according to me, providing a pleasant and warm temperature to the rider for the perfect ride. If talk of mornings and riding in the pleasant mornings I would say they are one of the best times to longboard due to the less traffic and less people around that time.

Mornings are best for the people who want to experience their rides in a pleasant and traffic free environment with the freshness of the sun and dew both. But the drawback of this time could be waking up too early to ride a longboard because to ride in a traffic free environment you need to wake around four in the morning and you only have time till 6 or 6:30 in the morning as the cars start hitting the road by then.

And this time could be an issue for the people who are not early risers but late sleepers or to people who work late in the night and it is tough for them to wake up so early for long boarding. So people who are early risers and have no problem in waking up so early to get the feel of a pleasant and fresh ride early in the morning and start their day with a physical exertion like this might find morning as the best time to longboard.

There is one another drawback of long boarding in the morning is that dew formations on the tracks that could hinder your rides too in the morning and could be a bit slippery and dangerous to ride on.

Even people who travel to their work places at around 9 or 10 in the morning could find morning time the best to ride a longboard as it helps them avoid the huge traffic and reach their office or schools at the right time.


longboardcruisersAfternoon is another time slot that a long boarder could utilise to surf on their longboard.
A rider could utilise this time for Longboarding as it becomes an efficient and quickest way to reach to places you desire to go for work or leisure purpose.

If a rider works or is school or college going, it might be difficult to go to restaurants that are favourites but far from their work place or college or school to get lunch during the lunch hour. But long boarding easily solves these issues as a longboard gives 8 times more speed than any usual taxi or car or any two wheeler and makes it easy to reach places you wish to go in less time and in a very cheaper cost.

So according to me afternoon is one of the best times to longboard and avoid all the traffic and explore the city very conveniently. The drawback of this time slot could be the scorching heat that the rider has to face while riding to different locations in a city. The sun could be a great hindrance to the perfect pleasant ride during the afternoon too. But nothing could be perfect! You can just get one thing at a time either comfort or convenience.


Evening could be the perfect time to longboard as after a tiring day at office or school you can longboard and relieve all your stress of the day. For a sport enthusiast it is very important to relieve his daily stress and tiredness through long boarding. Most of the riders take their boards along to their work or school or college and travel back home riding all the way exploring the city on the board.

Longboards help in avoiding the traffic which is the most in the evening everyday due to people rushing to their homes after work or college. So to avoid the entire hustle bustle and to relieve all the stress and pressure gained during the day you could prefer riding in the evening and then fetching a good early sleeping the night to wake up fresh the next morning.

Longboarding helps you in gaining a sound sleep after all the physical and mental exertion during the day. But the drawback of this time slot could be traffic and the tiredness of the individual. After a long work day the individual could be very tired physically and mentally both and long boarding in tiredness could be a bad option.

Night time

Most of the riders these days either prefer morning or night time for riding their Longboards to avoid all the traffic and chaos caused during day. The best advantage of riding in the night could be the freedom to do anything on the tracks or roads without the fear of getting hit by any car or vehicle.

In the night time the freedom to do any style and try any new skill is the most as there is no hindrance from the world. But there are few disadvantages to the night long boarding as well as the vision clarity and lighting in the night are not suitable for riding.

The low clarity and lighting could lead to various accidents and mind it friends accident don’t only happen when you hit any vehicle, they also happen when you hit something on the road or fall from the board ending up hurting yourself and riding after a long tiring day could not be that convenient either.

There are both pros and cons of every time slot in the day. It totally depends on the preferences and suitability of the rider that what time is best suited for him/her. And whichever time he chooses matches his daily routine and needs.

We hope the article was useful to you guys. If you have any query or suggestion please feel free to contact us through the comment section below.

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