The best places in the world that let you ride Longboards

Best Longboards

Longboards have become one of the most preferred board games of all. In the world, there are various cities where longboarding is done but we are all aiming for the best place to enjoy our boarding skills.

There are cities with emptiness in the streets, friendliness, lack of laws or police, the perfect architecture and where the weather is so good this is the main idea we have for the dream city suitable for long boarding.

And yes there are some specific places in the world considered heaven and must go for long boarders, the best places for longboard in the world are:-

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has been considered the main hub for the longboard surfing and has various resident longboard lovers.

The perfect climate of Cape Town for long boarding and roaming around attracts various boarders. In Cape Town, the sun shines here even more than Madrid and Athens.

The city has long hills surrounding the town and a mesmerising sea front for other activities.

And if you need one more reason to bring you to Cape Town in search of the longboard heaven than also write this down that there is a newly built skate park now in Cape Town for mixing up of tricks and styles in the city centre.

Seoul South Korea

This place is basically not on the list of mainstream long boarders till now but Seoul should be one of the bucket list places to be visited for long boarding.

Seoul South Korea is just like a massive skate park where all the roads and buildings are of marble and concrete origin which makes cruising in boards much easier than riding any of the two wheelers.

And the most intriguing part is that there are no rules and laws against long boarding in Seoul which makes you pretty much safe and avoids the risk of getting busted.

Portland Oregon, USA

This city could be given the established title for being the most board friendly or skate friendly city for Longboarding.

There are especially designed skate lanes along with bike lanes for smooth and undisrupted riding to your work place Also.

Even this city, Portland had appointed a good skateboarder Tom Miller, as the head for the transportation department of the city to encourage long boarding in the vicinity. But the only drawback of this city is the weather of Portland.

The city rains for almost 150 days per years, but we all know long boarding can also be done on a rainy day easily if we take all the measures and ensure safety.

Malaga Spain

Malaga is famous for the clubs and being the den of clubs. It is not just a good place to hangout but also best suitable for long boarding. Maybe because it’s hot as the city gets sun for at least 10-11 hours a day in the months of July and august.

It also consists of the tracks of concrete facilitating hill bombing (along the sea front).

Malmo Sweden

Malmo is just like Portland, with an average rainfall for 169 days per year. The weather is rainy and snowy frequently during the year which makes this city one of the best for long boarding in the world.

The long summer days and the smooth pavements are the reasons why this city is one of the bests in the world.
This place is a hub for Swedish skateboarding as there are series of amazing skateparks and various international skateboard competitions held in Malmo every year.

Rio de Janerio

Basically we all know Rio de Janerio for the amazing beaches and promenades but what we all never knew about this city was the roads and various cycle paths along with the Copacabana are perfect for skateboarding and long boarding both.

This sport is so famous in Brazil that almost every local there is aware of it and has tried this at least once. The locals are specialised in a freestyle type of long boarding which looks like dancing. And you also get the opportunity of hill bombing in Brazil.

Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

If you are a fan of Netflix show breaking bad you might know that this city Albuquerque is a dry and hot place. The combination of smooth pavements and various hills makes it best suitable for long boarding.

The place might not be on the list of all boarding enthusiasts but yeah if you are heading towards there for some other reason just don’t forget to pack your longboard along.

Barcelona Spain

The list of best places to cruise on your board would be incomplete without Barcelona. Barcelona the Catalan capital has been the Crux place for Europe people for long boarding all thanks to the warm climate, large tracks of concrete and the skate parks all around,

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is the place of origin for long boarding and skateboarding. Los Angeles is the place where it all began so it obviously consists of the best environment for long boarding making it best place to cruise around on your boards.

Due to the history, the place owns various historical and remarkable skateboarding spots which you won’t find in any other city of the world. A combination of these spots, the most renowned promenades of the world and an average fall of 380 mm LA provides you the perfect surroundings for long boarding and skate boarding.

Just the laws are strict and please don’t bump into any cop there as they are not so friendly.

San Francisco California

The atmosphere and the opportunities a long boarder gets in this city is rare to find anywhere else in the world. Only few cities would be able to provide you this aura. The city is not rainfall free but this works in the best way for the enthusiasts as it increases the efficiency of the hills of the city making them suitable for downhill riding.

This city has been the hub for various movie scenes and who would not want to longboard in places which was made by Steve McQueen.

So yes if you are great enthusiast for long boarding then visiting San Francisco is on the to-do list.

So these were the top 10 places where a long board lover needs to visit at least once and try his skills out there. If you have any query or comment related to the article please mention it on the comment section below.

Ride safe, Be safe!

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