Best Longboard Brands for 2017

Although longboarding has been popular just recently, it did not take long before there has been an influx of boards that are meant specifically for such. It is appealing for many people basically because longboarding is ideal regardless of your skills.

Even if you are a beginner who has never skated in the past, you can just grab a longboard and there is no steep learning curve. Whether it is for recreational transportation or downhill racing, among others, longboards can be beneficial in ways more than one.

If you are interested in trying longboard, one of the most important things that should be taken into account would be the selection of the right board. Many of them are already pre-assembled.

Take a look at the different parts, including the deck, grip tape, wheels, bearings, and risers. Generally speaking, the boards can be made from bamboo, maple, or carbon fiber. They are also available in different types, including cruisers and downhill.

Are you looking for the best longboard brands? Keep on reading and we will help you make the right decision. Below, we will have a comparison of some of the brands that are available in the market, as well as some of the features that differentiate them from each other.

In the end, we will provide you with a recommendation on which one to pick based on our discussions.

Longboards Buying Guide

Longboards Buying Guide

Our Pick Top 3 Best Longboard Brands 2016

5 Things To Consider You Need To Consider When Buying A Longboard


Sector 9
  • If you are a beginner and if you are on the lookout for an entry-level longboard, this is definitely going to make an excellent choice. It has been given words of praises because of its affordable price, yet quality is not compromised.
  • From the three brands that we are comparing, this is the most affordable With this, when comparing in terms of affordability, we are picking this as the best.
  • Most of the Atom longboards have an affordable price.
  • They can be more expensive that Sector 9, but they can be more affordable than Yocaher.
  • Compared to Sector 9 and Atom, Yocaher longboards can be expensive. Most of their models are not budget-friendly and not suitable for beginners.
  • A lot, however, loved their boards because of their stunning designs, which is perhaps one of the reasons why they command higher prices.

Obviously, for many people, price is going to be one of the most important considerations. Indeed, it is tempting to pick the cheapest longboard.

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Sector 9
  • Compared to the three brands that we are tackling in this article, we are picking this as the best from the three.
  • Almost any longboard from Sector 9 seems to be a work of art. You will have a diverse selection, regardless of the style that you prefer.
  • The Atom longboards also have nice graphics, but they are not as stunning and as diverse as the longboards from Sector 9.
  • When it comes to color and design, Yocaher can closely rival that of Sector 9. In fact, there are many people who believe that this is the perfect brand for creative people.

When speaking about the design of longboards, we do not necessarily just refer to the overall construction or shape. Rather, we are pertaining to the aesthetics of the longboard.

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Sector 9
  • Regardless of the type of deck that is preferred, chances are, they are available at Sector 9. The company takes pride in manufacturing a wide array of designs, making sure that there is a longboard that is right for every rider.
  • They have small and large decks. You will also have the option to buy a separate deck as preferred.
  • Similar to Sector 9, this brand also offers a wide selection of decks to suit individual preferences. Their decks are long-lasting, which is attributed to the materials that have been used. They have desks that are laminated.
  • Because of the strength of their decks and the wide array of choices that are available, we are picking this as the best when it comes to decks, alongside Sector 9.
  • The decks of Yocaher are also commendable. Nonetheless, most of them are made from Canadian maple, usually 9 or 7 plies.
  • This is unlike in the case of Sector 9 and Atom wherein you will have a decent selection of deck materials. Their decks can also be flexible and long lasting.

When evaluating the decks of the best longboard brands, it is important to look beyond aesthetics.

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Sector 9
  • There are a lot of reasons why Sector 9 is the preferred brand in the marketplace for longboards.
  • One of these reasons is most probably the fact that it is integrated with high-quality, performance wheels that will be appropriate regardless of your riding style.
  • Whether you prefer to have large or small wheels, there is surely a long board that is right for you.
  • Many of the wheels of the longboards from Atom are soft and have an excellent grip, which can provide you with a comfortable ride.
  • Nonetheless, the softness of the wheel can also be an issue, especially when it comes to durability. They can be more prone to external damages compared to the wheels of Sector 9 longboards.
  • Their wheels also have special features depending on the longboard that will be chosen.
  • Most of their wheels, however, are made from hard plastic. They can be durable, but the issue can be with regards to comfort.

It is also vital to take a look at the wheels, making it easier to decide which one will make the best choice.

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Sector 9
  • Most of the models of their longboards are equipped with PDP Abec 5 bearings. The latter is known for its dependability, making sure that you will be able to use the longboard smoothly.
  • They also have an online shop where you can choose bearings that are preferred.
  • This brand also uses high-quality bearings.
  • However, there are complaints from some riders that some of their bearings can make the speed slower, and hence, it has been recommended that they should be changed.
  • Abec 3, Abec 5, and Abec 7 are some of the bearings that are used in Yocaher longboards. Similar to Sector 9, we believe that this is going to make an excellent choice.
  • Their bearings, according to many users, can withstand shock and can remain functional even with extended and frequent use.

The bearings may not be as visible as the deck or the wheels, but they are going to be extremely important as well in differentiating the options that you will have for the best longboard that is available in the market.

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Indeed, looking for the best longboard brands can be overwhelming. The abundance of the choices will make it more difficult for you to make the right decision. To make things easier, keep an eye on the three brands that we have mentioned above.

We also took a look at the reviews of other users, and with confidence, we can guarantee you that these brands can provide the best bang for the buck.

Presented in the table above is a summary of the discussions we have made earlier. From the table, it can be seen that there is one clear winner – Sector 9.

They have a wide array of models that are available at affordable prices. They have appealing design, high-quality decks, durable wheels, and smooth bearings.

Regardless of what model you choose from the said brand, you are guaranteed to make a decision that will not lead to any regret in the future.