What Should A Beginner Get First: A Regular Skateboard Or A Longboard?

This question has been there on every enthusiast’s mind for so long and we have been searching answers for it for so long and now we have succeeded. Yes we have found the answer to this question you have been worrying about.

What Should A Beginner Get First A Regular Skateboard Or A Longboard

What Should A Beginner Get First A Regular Skateboard Or A Longboard

The main confusion for this query was that both the activities are almost identical to each other when seen from afar but have very different styles. And it’s not just now, people where anxious about what to choose skateboard and Longboard from ages. But before choosing the right one for you, you have to know the pros and consl of both the type, so that the judgement is fair enough.

The main comparison comes because of the style of rides both offer and the type of structure both consist of. You guys must have heard of this board saying that says longboard is the contemporary brother of skateboard.

So now let’s get started.

If talk of the history of both of them, skateboarding came before long boarding, skateboarding was started in 1940s when the enthusiasts were looking for fun in the waves.

The longboard came later when the skateboarders wanted to convert their skateboards into long boards and roller skates. And of that we got our Longboards since then long boarding has become one of the most preferred boarding activities.

Maybe it got such achievements because of its versatility in size and styles it facilitates. People are not familiar with this fact that the skateboard is more capable of doing tricks and styles than longboard.

Before deciding that which one should be chosen you need to know the difference of structure and size most importantly. The skateboard has curved sides which helps pretty well in tricks like ollies and kick flips where as in the contrary Longboards are long as the name only suggests, they have narrow strips instead of curved sides which gives it stability.

  • If we talk in the context of size than skateboard wins with smaller size and lighter weight making it portable. So this round goes to skateboard in longboard vs skateboard.
  • Deck for the skateboard is 30 inches long and width is 7 inches where as the best Longboards length comes in between 22-45+ inches and width of 9 inches.
  • The trucks placed beneath at the bottom of the boards also bring difference between them. The trucks of longboard are smooth and the trucks of skateboards are perfect for tricks like grinding and curbs etc.
  • One more difference would be that the longboard consists of smooth and wide wheels which make Riding easier on rougher roads.

The above data might come out as very practical and factual variations but when it comes to riding this boards all this makes a good difference.
If we try to choose a right board it is not possible because it all depends on the personal preferences.

But before deciding the best option for the ride you have to decide where you want to ride it. The two main options for the ride places are street riding and skate parks for Longboards and skateboards.

The skateboard is made with the structure to facilitate transportation and cruising but actually it is not meant for this purpose, the main reason behind this is that it is not that stable and comfortable for long rides and shifting terrains.

What is the best longboard for beginners

What is the best longboard for beginners

The main reason why people actually choose skateboards is that they are interested in doing the various styles and tricks it can facilitate with difficulty and various techniques.

The best place for skateboarding is skate parks as they offer all types of designs and obstacle to make riding fun and thrilling. They have various obstacles like bowls and halfpipes. Another trick for skateboarding is grinding as we mentioned above. It requires basic setup like staircases, curbs and benches instead of any special setting but let me remind you that Grinding is not permitted in all the places.

In some districts even there are laws against it.

The enthusiasts who have solved the dilemma of who to choose longboard or skateboard have taken favour of skateboards as it offers much more variety of tricks than longboard such as ollies, aerials, kick flips freestyles as well as grinding.

Advantages of long boarding is that it offers various tricks to the riders where as skateboarders are always found polishing their tricks. Another benefit of long boarding is that you don’t need to find a skate park

In your locality it is mainly done in the streets. You can perform various variations as well depending on the deck size of the longboard.

Most riders use Longboards basically for cruising or transportation from one place to another. These are the basic uses of longboard.

Transportation with Longboards makes it much more affordable and inexpensive for the rider to travel from one place to another. The longboard ride is much more fun, light and thrilling, even the ride is smoother for both long distances and short distances.

In this context the dilemma of longboard vs skateboard is easier to answer as with smooth and large wheels Longboards solve the dilemma. The other widely used riding style is downhill riding which offers riding in the speedy hills moving downwards on slopes. Downhill boards are much larger and stable in size making it easy to achieve high speed. Downhill riding is the most thrilling and adventurous type of style of long boarding and it works amazingly well on sloppy and asphalted streets.

So finally What To Choose??

According to this article we got to know that both skateboard and Longboards are perfectly suitable as per the rider’s preferences. The last stop comes at the preference of the rider that what does he/she want. But to know that you need to consider the whole list of differences they have and then decide which is to be chosen.

As per me, for beginners Longboards are best suitable as they have stability and are easy to start with, later on the rider or beginner could move towards skateboard when he/she is done with Longboards. But the first option would definitely be Longboards.

So we hope you liked the article if any comment or query, feel free to contact us through the comment section below.


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