How to avoid injury when riding Longboard?

avoid injuryLong boarding is being recognised as a very adventurous and thrilling sports activity these days. People are getting attracted towards this sport and are opting it as a leisure sport as well as a day to day travel board. But long boarding being an adventurous and thrilling sport comes with a lot of risks and chances of getting injured.

So avoid these situations there are some measures and certain guidelines that should be followed to avoid and mishap.

As we all have heard the saying prevention is better than cure, we should seriously follow this rule and ensure proper safety of the rider and providing him/her a good experience.

Below I am mentioning some guidelines and tips to be used and kept in mind while riding any longboard.

Safety is the major priority

SafetySafety is and should always be the main priority of a rider. And it doesn’t matter if the rider is experienced or novice, he or she should always be carrying along the proper safety kit for long boarding.

It is mandatory to wear all the safety gears such as helmet, pads, gloves, proper shoes and other safety gears in order to avoid any damage or loss to the long boarder in case of any accident or emergency.

Safety gears help in insuring that even if the rider meets any accident by chance while ridding he or she is safe and doesn’t get any major damage to the body.Thus gears help in making sure that even if the rider falls from the board he doesn’t get seriously injured.

Safety gears not only provide safety to the rider but also help in boosting up the confidence and self independency of the rider in him as the rider knows after wearing gears he is going to be safe.

Manufacturers these days manufacture gears with attractive designs and colours making it cool and happening for the rider to wear them while long boarding. Safety gears are 3 in 1 options so don’t miss them out.

Don’t use any gadget while riding.

I think this step is known to all and everybody should be avoiding texting or using any gadget during riding the long board.

A gadget works as the perfect distraction for the rider from the road that can lead to various serious accidents to the rider. The rider should not even listen to high music while riding as it might make it inaudible for the rider to hear horns or cars noises to avoid any injury by using a gadget and giving all the attention to it and risking your life.
So I would suggest usage of any gadget like phones, tablet, wifi etc should be avoided seriously. If there is any urgent call and you need to pick that up necessarily you can hope off the board

Take your call and then when it is done just go back and resume riding again.

Don’t drive backwards

dowmhillNow as I mentioned before that long boarding is an adventurous sport activity and in that thrill people do various stunts and madness which is not appropriate, just like driving backwards.

A longboard should never be driven backwards as it is very risky and controlling Board form the backward position is very tough.

Riding backwards is fun we agree but for a short distance because after getting a good speed it is tough to manoeuvre the board which could lead to serious accidents and injuries.

A rider should never opt for riding backwards as when the board picks up a high speed, the breaks stop working andit would lead to an accident and that we surely don’t wish for. So be safe, ride safe and don’t drive backwards.

Avoid riding in rainy weather

The other tip we would give you for your safety would be avoiding ride on a longboard on a rainy day. On the rainy days the water makes the tracks wet and which is a difficult condition to skate and control your board.

Water makes it very difficult to control the board as there are chances of slippery andskit. So our advice would be to stay away from the track on a rainy day to keep your self out of danger. A wet track can be dangerous for a rider even if he/she is a experienced rider.

Wear proper shoes

Wear proper shoesA long boarder should always ride wearing proper shoes and gears to avoid any accident while skating. Shoes help in making a tight grip on the board and facilitate more perfection in the ride. A tight grip would make it easy for the rider to control the board and turn according to his will.

You should always avoid riding on a board wearing slippers or formal shoes or anything other than sport shoes as they will not catch proper grip with the board and that can lead to accidents and serious injuries and we really don’t want that do we??

So ye only option you have is wearing proper shoes and gear to enjoy your ride both with fun and safety at the same time.

Jumping on the board should be avoided

Many riders have been seen flaunting there skills and talent in the board by jumping, you guys Should know jumping up and down on the board is very dangerous it might cause you serious injuries as there is no balance on the board to hold you if you jump up and down andmiss by any chance you might fall very hard.
In such cases if you jump up and down you might break your board into two pieces which might not be a good scenario to see. So be a grown up and don’t jump on the board it is meant for riding not jumping like trampoline.

Be aware on the road

Be aware on the roadWhile driving with traffic makes sure you are aware and attentive. This might be scary to learn but many car and bus drivers seem to ignore and not see two wheelers on the road, and you riding on longboard might be more dangerous.

As there are chances that they might not even see you guys on the road so be attentive on the road. Don’t hit any car while it’s opening its door, or don’t get hit by U- turn taking cabs it’s very hard to track them.

So this was all of the tips for you riders to make your ride safe and enjoy your ride at the same time. So be safe, ride safe and keep enjoying longboard rides. We hope you liked the article and if any comment or query you can free feel to contact us through the comment section below.

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