About Me

Hello, I’m Tom Chandler, founer of HyperOutdoor, I’m that kind of person who always loves to enjoy adventure and have a great enthusiasm for skating. You can easily find me riding Longboards in nearby streets and parks. If it is an adventurous day, you will see me downhill riding.

Longboarding is a passion that I and my website #HyperOutdoor love to have and enjoying those challenging conditions is what I love to face always. One of the best things which I believe that every longboarding expert should do is to enjoy different styles. No matter if it is an easy surface or a challenging one, you must be well prepared for a variety of surfaces.

One of the things people like about longboarding is that it has numerous benefits such as health benefits, adventure, fun and could prove to be one of the best pastimes.

All these wonderful reasons have to lead to me being highly appreciative about long boarding and I have been doing the same on different surfaces, starting from the easier ones to the most challenging ones.

“I am indeed and fun and adventure-seeking personality”

Before I proceed further and tell you more about this incredible activity, let me tell you that Longboarding is not as easy as it sounds. When I started doing longboarding, I made a hell lot of mistakes and many bad choices lead to disastrous results.

Initially, I was not able to make decisions which were nice and my style was not able to develop during this initial phase. But as the time progressed, I managed to learn the basics, tips and tricks. It is probably your intelligence that enables you to recognise the benefits as well as the important basics.

I made myself aware of the hassles as well as the struggles and as a result, I was able to fully master the art of Longboarding. During this entire journey, there were lots of cuts, bruises and scars but I never let the negative feeling come inside me. Instead, with every scar,

I made myself more positive and took everything in a happy manner. Now, I can say to myself that yes, you did it alright and have managed to develop incredible board skills. Riding different Longboards is one of the best things to do in life.

After all these positivities, I decided to open my own website- HyperOutdoor where I can help people from all walks of life learn more about Longboarding and skating. My aim is to let people know more about this favourite activity and train maximum people in my lifetime.

As I have already faced the hassles, I don’t want you to face the same so that you can quickly learn and develop integral skills. Not only skills, I also want you to learn more about how to choose the best Longboard, what is the best material being used for a Longboard and how to learn about the favourite style. Longboard enthusiastic are always more than welcome to my website.

Another main aim is to build trust with my subscribers. I want to offer you an advice which is reliable and trustworthy. Something which you can relate to you and tell maximum people that yes, this is the real man who offers a perfect piece of advice. I really don’t want to offer you with reviews, in fact, HyperOutdoor want to offer you much more than that such as genuine reviews, tips, tricks, questions and answers, buying advice and my own very personal experience.

I want you to buy a brand which is durable and can last long ever after rigorous use. You will see me reviewing leading brands such as Atom, Sector 9, Krown, Yoacher and much more.

Apart from Longboarding, I love to listen to rock music, food and sliding often near my home in a park or neighbourhood.

Let’s get on the bus and learn this art of Longboarding with a perspective which is unique yet reliable.

Happy Longboarding with me and HyperOutdoor!