How To Get Sponsored By Original Skateboards?

​If you are into longboards, getting a sponsorship is definitely one of your dreams. It is a sport or leisure at first. But once longboarding starts to immerse you, then hoping for a chance of getting into the spotlight enhances your grit and passion. This is the reason why many are asking how to get […]

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Best Longboard For Girl

It is a very difficult job to find a longboard for Girls. Although there are boards that can be used by girls but very few are specifically suited to use by girls. So we feel it is important that we scour the market for some longboards that are best suited to girls. These longboards have […]

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Basic Things About Longboard For New Beginners

Nowadays, longboarding is getting attractive more and more younger people. However, some people still make a mistake when assuming longboarding is just skateboarding. The longboard is fairly similar to skateboard but it is longer in the length than skateboard. What is longboard? How to choose the best longboard brands for the new beginners? And some […]

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